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Being healthy equals being happy


My views on why should someone try to be healthier or whats in it for them, why should they care, its very simple, they relate basically to the principle that I believe being healthy equals being happy. So, if you have the ability to feel happy in your body, to feel happy in your mind, why would you feel sad? If that makes you feel happy and and healthy, surely you should take advantage of it. I always think of an old proverb which basically says that, The body is the castle of your soul. So, if you dont look after your castle, your soul will go away. Now, that can be interpreted, either your soul dies and you die or the soul dies and youre still physically here but youve stopped feeling. Youre just vegetating and not living and thats very sad. And the other thing is, if you dont look after your castle, if you are going to die prematurely, whats the point of that? Most people are quite able to do something good for themselves and even if life is very difficult, theres always some silver lining at some point to another. So, its good to keep on that positive side. The other thing is that, when someone feels happy because they are healthy, that has a positive impact on their surrounding and there is something that should not be underestimated and you probably have experienced the reverse too. When someone feels gloomy, that kind of gloomy tends to stick and all of a sudden, youre feeling great but being in a gloomy environment, you kind of get boredom . And interestingly enough, I Just recently listened to a program where someone was advocating that sometimes we have to stop the news, so have a kind of a news break. Not because we dont need to be aware of whats going on but sometimes, it could just to take time out, not to think of all the negative sides of things that can bring us down because it can make us feel, theres no point maintain myself {inaudible} since the world is a disaster . And the world is not a disaster. Theres good and bad. Its a question of balance. So, the other thing that I really believe that its something important to me and that is being healthy, feeling healthy is a choice. You choose to want to be healthy . I have a tagline which is my own tagline and I really believe that this is really very fundamental to the core person that I am and I think it does apply to life in general. So, when the soul feels good, your body tags along. So basically, if you feel healthy in your own mind and heart, in your soul, your body cant help but to feel good. And if you feel good, you can handle anything in the best possible way. Why should you care? Because its important that you as a person take advantage of the opportunities this life has given you. So enjoy them!

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