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Emdr procedures


so that led me to EMDR years ago uhm..which was one of the more thoroughly researcheduhm... for for many years it was the most researchedtechnique for trauma in the non-combat arena __________JJ Thiret__________ DoctorShapiro, wasn't it that studies __________Timothy Hayes__________ Yes, well she wasn't a doctor at the time she created of the system butuh... yeah francine shapiro was uhm...a popularperson right off the bat. She got such popularity with it that she tried to change the nameand they wouldn't let her 'cause it had already gone international. But it's a very simple technique that uses the uh... idea of alternating bilateral stimulationwhich meansyou eitherplay songs on different sides of a person's ears or tap on their knees or shoulders or have them move their eyes left and rightfollowing your fingers or a light bar or..or you combine the modalities of eye movement and sound or vibration uhm..but it really tapped into they've been doing even before that with neuro linguistic programming andrecognizing that the two hemispheres of the brain can kind of like each other out of that the conscious kind kind of be locked out of the unconsciousjust anyway to try and stimulate communicationfrom one part of the brain to the other while holding onto the four major uh... aspects of a traumatic memorytended to produce resolutionin symptoms of trauma.

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