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They feel better when their healthier


People should try to be healthier because they feel good about themselves, they feel better when theyre healthier, they look better, they think faster, their responses are sharper, they obviously live, end up living longer I hope, they for obviously for dietary reasons, if you try harder to live a healthier life it means that youre going to be taking note of the things that you eat, the things that you drink for instance people would eat lots of chocolates and stuff like that without washing their mouth will end up will less teeth later in life, people who eat excessively will end up with weight problems they will put on weight in places that they dont really wants, they will find, the problem with overweight is that the more you put weight in front of you the more tummy you develop, the more your problem, you have a problem with your spine then of course if you are overweight you tend to lose your self-esteem, you lose your self-confidence, you lose your self-confidence you begin to wonder about everything that everybody says, you think theyre talking about you, you think, because you dont really feel good, you dont really look good, you think you dont look good well, some people are naturally big for health , for, for health reasons, they dont really, theyre not really involved in what Im saying here because they have no, no choice so obviously they would be trying their best to, to lose the weight I guess, but I mean whats in it for them, is, is, they, they can actually live a better quality of life when people take account of the way the things that they, they put in their mouth, the way they, they, they exercises the kind of exercises they do and once you take care they should care because when youre not overweight you end up being in a situation where you can actually control some of your responses even like do things like driving you, you would be able to respond better, your motivation levels are higher, you are fit, you are fitter, you fit in to less size clothes which happen to be cheaper smallest sizes are cheaper, theyre, theyre most use smallest size clothes well, thats not I dont know, I dont mean to be offended anybody here but obviously when, when you are healthier your self-confidence, your beauty you, your thats everything, your, your, your body begins to radiate for no reason, people, people begin to look at you in a different way your body glows when youre healthier you, you, you, you stand better, youre confidence, you walk better, your confidence you physique the way, the way that you, you appear rib looked better and of course you, you begin to reduce, you have less problems of this age related exercises you know, the mid rib riff bulges and things like and then you become happier around people and people are happier around you and you know generally to care about the way you look, the way you stand, the way you carry yourself and thats a direct result of being healthy, healthier is better all the time.

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