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Fitness & Fun

Make fitness fun

Make fitness fun

Exercise, have more fun

Exercise, have more fun

All about the physical aspects

All about the physical aspects

Make a list of the things you enjoy doing

Make a list of the things you enjoy doing

Do the thing, and you'll get the energy to do the thing

Do the thing, and you'll get the energy to do the thing

Exercise for a purpose

Exercise for a purpose

Find someone to exercise with

Find someone to exercise with

Find and do the things that you enjoy

Find and do the things that you enjoy

Make exercise more fun by doing enjoyable things

Make exercise more fun by doing enjoyable things

Use different forms of exercises and try to fit it into your schedule

Use different forms of exercises and try to fit it into your schedule

The purpose of posture

The purpose of posture

Make exercise fun not hard work

Make exercise fun not hard work

Pay attention to what is fun to you

Pay attention to what is fun to you

Find the thing that works best for you and go for it

Find the thing that works best for you and go for it

Find out what works for you, motivates you and your mental barriers

Find out what works for you, motivates you and your mental barriers

Quick Tips:

Break your routine down into smaller segments

Exercise can be worked into your day in a number of ways. Even if you do not have half an hour to workout, you can problably fit in a ten minute walk. Do this several times a day and you will have completed a full routine.

Peter S.

Don't forget to warm up or cool down for workouts

It is always good to get in a workout, but you should not forget to warm up and cool down every time. Forgetting to warm up or cool down puts you at greater risk for energy.

Evelyn T.

It's ok to fail in the short term

The next time you feel too lazy to go to the gym, double your next gym session to make up for it. It's ok to give yourself some space to fail in the short term, as long as you don?t let your medium term success slip.

Tiffany W.

It's ok to start small

Start of with exercise that fits your current abilities, regardless of current limitations. If you overdo it, you could injure yourself or become discouraged with your inability to keep up.

Emma A.

Walking can be your best exercise

Did you know that walking is still the exercise most recommended by doctors? It is low impact, and you can walk at your own pace, gradually picking up the speed as you get in shape.

Judith B.

Choose an exercise you'll actually do

The best exercise you can do is the kind you WILL do! Don't let someone pressure you into signing up for kick-boxing if you currently have a "slow walk around the park" body.

Kathleen C.

Anaerobic exercise shapes muscles

Anaerobic exercise is the kind to do to sculpt your body. It will burn fat deposits in your muscles, and is important for shaping your body, but doesn't burn many calories.

Joyce D.

Aerobic exericise burns more fat

Aerobic exercise works your whole body, burning fat all over your body. This is the kind of activity you need if you want to lose weight, because it burns more calories

Madison E.

Combine aerobic and anaerobic exercise

A combination of anaerobic and aerobic exercise is the best mix for your body health. It will burn a lot of calories through aerobics, and help shape your muscles through anaerobics.

Nicole F.

Remember to stretch before exercise

Perhaps the most important part of your workout is proper stretching. Stretching before your workout warms up your muscles and increases blood flow, preparing for the workout.

Martha G.

Stretch after exercise to reduce soreness

If you will stretch after your exercise session, you'll be amazed at how good you feel. Stretching after a workout will help your muscles relax, and you won't be as sore afterward.

Christine H.

Consider circuit training

Circuit training will help keep your exercise routine from becoming boring. The focus required, and the variety of workouts, will keep you engaged in the activities without boredom.

Danielle I.

Consider a personal trainer

If you have a hard time staying with an exercise regimen, consider hiring a personal trainer. It's actually not as expensive as you may think, if you already have a gym membership.

Scott J.

Take 2000 more steps a day

If you can add 2000 steps a day to your routine, you'll burn enough calories to lose a pound a day! That almost makes it worth getting a pedometer!

Laura K.

Park further away at work

You can actually lose weight by walking more. Park at the outer edge of the parking lot at the store and at work, and you'll easily add 1000 steps a day to your exercise regimen.

Heather L.

Find a friend with whom to exercise

It is perfectly all right to need company when you exercise. Most people do much better with their exercise routines if they are with a friend. It will help you stay with it.

Sarah M.

Don't let guilt stop you

Don't be discouraged if you didn't start or continue your exercise program today, because you'll find that guilt is a poor motivator. You can get started tomorrow, and really knock it out!

Diana N.

Learn from your past problems

You don't have to dwell on the past, but use it to your advantage. Think back to previous attempts to start exercising, and be prepared for the same stumbling blocks.

Amy O.

If pain makes you stop, stretch

If you quit exercising before because you were hurting too much, be prepared this time. Stretching, especially after workouts, reduces pain significantly.

Mary P.

Hire a trainer for just a month

Sometimes, people quit exercising because they aren't sure they're doing it right. It's well worth hiring a personal trainer for one month to get on the right track.

Anna Q.

Exercise is a mood booster

Exercise actually stimulates the production of seratonin, which makes you feel happy. You'll feel better emotionally if you get some exercise, and happines is good for your health.

Keith Q.

Strenthen your bones with exercise

Regular exercise--even if it's just walking--helps prevent osteoporosis, because it involves impact to your bones which actually strenghtens them.

Olivia R.

Get up early for a workout

Really busy people often don't have time for a workout, so try getting up 30 minutes earlier 2 days a week. Once you get used to working out, and another day to your routine.

Catherine S.

Take several walking breaks a day

If you're too busy to go to the gym, fit in some short walks during the day. Even 10 minutes 2 or 3 times a day will boost your mood, metabolism, and tone muscles.

Mark T.

Exercise during your high energy periods

If you're too lazy to get out and exercise, analyze your energy patterns. If you can recognize the time of day when you have the most energy, then add a quick walk at that time.

Deborah W.

Consistency is key to any exercise program

One of the secrets to a successful exercise program is consistency. You should start an exercise routine and continue it for a long time to see the best results.

Jeremy A.

Importance of strength training

Strength training helps to tone the body and strengthen the muscles and bones of your body. Its a good idea to incorporate strength training about 2 to 3 times a week.

Jack B.

Set realistic exercise goals

Your exercise goals should be realistic and at the same time, challenging. This will give you the expected results and will also keep you going for a longer time.

Edward C.

Tag your buddy along for exercise

Team with your buddy for your exercise routine. This will motivate you to hit the routine everyday and it can also be a fun way to catch up with your friends.

Justin D.

Pick an activity you like

You should enjoy what you do so that you will continue it for a longer period of time. It can be anything from walking to running to any other activity that will boost your heart rate.

Patricia E.

Understand your body clock

Trying to work out at a time when you have maximum energy will help you to perform best. Each person is different and you should know your body clock to decide the best time for workout.

Teresa F.

Take the help of a professional

When you are starting out, its a good idea to talk the help of exercise professionals who will help you to get into a routine. Once you get a hang of it, all that you have to do is continue to reach your health goals.

Jane G.

Look around for inspiration

Get inspiration from your friends, relatives, athletes or just about anyone you know to kick start an exercise routine. Such an inspiration will keep you going for a much longer time.

Eugene H.

Be patient and give it some time

Patience is one of the most important virtues in an exercise routine. Never expect to get results within a week or month. It can take many months for your body to adjust to the routine and so you need to be patient.

Brenda I.

Never break the habit of exercise

The easiest thing about exercise is to break the habit of exercise. It is harder to kick start and you will end up staying away from exercise for extended periods of time. So, you should do everything possible to continue the exercise routine everyday.

Cheryl J.

Reward yourself for every milestone

Reward yourself once in a while when you achieve a milestone. Choose rewards like a piece of clothing or a visit to the spa instead of cookies or ice cream. This will motivate you to keep up with your exercise program.

Matthew K.

Schedule at a convenient time

Schedule exercise at a particular time everyday and stick to it. Its a good idea to stick to a time when there is nothing important like picking your kids from school or taking them to a class. This will increase your chance of keeping up with it.

Joseph L.

Run or walk for a cause or event

Run or walk for a cause and this will motivate you to work towards the event. In general, people are prone to do something when they have a tangible goal like a race. So, look for local events and sign up for it today.

George M.

Identify your potential weakness for exercise

The first step towards an exercise routine is to identify the potential causes that can make you give up the routine. Make a note of these causes and address them one by one so that you will never stop your exercise routine.

Katherine N.

Start small and build on it

The best way to start an exercise routine is to start small. Aim to walk for 15 minutes a day and slowly build on it. If you start with a five mile run, then the chances for you to quit is high because your body may take a while to adjust to it.

Alexis O.

Exercise for yourself and not for others

You should exercise for yourself and not to impress others or to be a part of a crowd. Such an attitude will not last long and you will always end up doing it for others. Instead, enjoy what you do and there is a great chance for you to continue.

Willie P.

Avoid fancy equipment to start with

Fancy equipment that cost a lot of money is not the right way to start. Instead, start the habit of exercising with small steps and then go on to buy an expensive equipment that will help you to tone better.

Carolyn Q.

Weight is not the only measure of fitness

Never use weight as the only measure for fitness. There are other goals such as building strength and stamina and a healthy body. So, you should not feel disheartened if you have not lost any weight and still continue the exercise program.

Douglas R.

A calendar can help you to exercise better

Use a calendar or your phone to mark the days that you exercise. You can mark an X or a tick mark against the days that you exercised. A quick glance at the calendar can help you to continue your routine.

Patrick S.

Make a plan that fits your life

Create an exercise plan that will fit into your life and choose activities that you can do for a long period of time. Whether it consists of walking or floor exercises, it should be something that you can do.

Tyler T.

See your doctor before you begin

Check with you health care provider before you begin an exercise routine. Its a good idea to get a full physical done so that you can choose a routine that will be right for your body.

Brittany W.

Kick start a journal habit

Get into the habit of writing your exercise routines everyday and even small notes about how you feel. Research has shown that people tend to stick to a routine when they write a journal.

Julia A.

Learn the benefits of exercise

Understand the benefits of exercise and how it can make you healthier. This will go a long way in helping you to stick to a routine and will reduce your chance of stopping it within a few days.

Bruce B.

Eat a well-balanced diet for energy

Eating is an important part of exercise. Only a well-balanced diet will give you the strength for an exercise routine and so ensure that you eat right.

Jeffrey C.

Consistency is the key to exercise

An exercise program will only work if you are consistant about exercising and following the exercise program. In other words, if your exercise program calls for you to run 10 minutes a day on a treadmill, you need to run 10 minutes a day on a treadmill.

Elizabeth D.

Have realistic goals when you start to exercise.

Before you start an exercise program, make sure that you have realistic goals about what it is that you want to achieve with the exercise program. In other words, don't expect to look like a model or Arnold Schwarzenegger over night.

Kelly E.

Have an exercixe budy to encourage you.

Find an exercise buddy to exercise with. An exercise buddy will give you encouragment and more importantly, companionship while you exercise.

Jacqueline F.

Find an exercise plan that fits your busy schedule.

If you already have a hectic schedule, try to find or come up with an exercise plan that will fit into your life. In the worst case scenario, you may need to adjust your schedule or quit something else to fit an exercise routine in.

Alan G.

Exercise need not be expensive to do.

You do not need to join an expensive gym or buy expensive gym equipment to exercise. In fact, running outside, lifting free weights and doing floor exercises can be more than sufficient to keep you fit.

Michelle H.

Find an exercise that you enjoy doing and can do.

Try to pick exercises that you will actually enjoy doing. In other words, if you hate running or have bad knees and cannot run, walking or speed walking is just as good.

Dorothy I.

Pick an exercise that is convenient for you.

Try to find an exercise that is conveneient to do. For example: If you love swimming but you do not have a pool at home or close by, pick another exercise that will be more convenient.

Victoria J.

Exercise at a time you are the most energetic.

Try to exercise at the time of the day where you have the most energy. In other words and if you feel the most energetic early in the morning, exercise then rather than late in the evening.

Emily K.

Start exercising by consulting exercise pros.

Before you start an exercise program, consult with a few experts to help determine what the best exercise program would be for you and the goals that you want to achieve through exercise.

Donna L.

Get a physcial and consult a doctor first.

Consult with your doctor and get a physical before you start any kind of exercise program. This will be especially important the older you are when you start and if you have any health issues or concerns.

Adam M.

Start slowly and add a few minutes every day.

Start your exercise program slowly - especially if you have not exercised in awhile and if you are really out of shape. As you get into better shape, a few minutes can then be added to your exercise program every day.

Lisa N.

Keep an exercise journal.

After you exercise, take written notes in an exercise journal about how you felt and any noticable changes from the previous exercise session. Moste importantly, jot down any improvements.

David O.

Reward yourself when you reach a milestone.

Don't forget to reward yourself after you exercise or whenever you reach an important milestone in your exercise routine. For example: Treat yourself to a massage after you reach a certain milestone.

Andrew P.

Have daily or weekly goals to stay motivated.

Have daily or weekly exercise goals. And while its important to have long term exercise goals, its equally important to remember that the "long term" is a long way away and you need to stay motivated right now.

Theresa Q.

Keep the gym bag packed and ready to go.

Be sure that you are prepared for your workout the day or night before you go to work out. In other words, have the gym bag already packed and waiting for you to start exercising.

Ronald R.

Eat throughout the day to have energy to exercise.

If you plan to exercise at the end of the day and after work, be sure that you have eaten during the day so that you have enough energy to complete your exercise workout.

Kathryn S.

A more intense workout has quicker results.

A more intense exercise workout will burn the same amount of calories as a less intense workout but it will burn calories in a shorter amount of time and help you to become fitter much faster.

Kevin T.

Be sure to have variety with an execise program.

An exercise program should come with some variety. After all and if you do the same exact exercises and exercise routine all the time, eventually your body will adapt and you will stop making progress.

Thomas W.

Exercise during your commute

One way to fit exercise into your daily schedule is to incorporate it into your commute if possible. If you live close enough, bike or jog to work. If that is not possible, try exercising during your lunch hour.

Vincent P.

Exercise to feel better and deal with stress

You undoubtedly know the physical benefits of exercise, but do you know the mental health benefits? Exercise improves your mood, so the next time you are feeling stressed out hit the gym.

Hannah Q.

Change up your workout routine

If you feel bored with your exercise routine, you may have to change it up. Consider something that you can do with someone else, such as tennis or soccer. These sports are so much fun you might not even think of it as exercising.

Julie R.

Use exercise to relieve stress.

Exercise can also be a great stress reliever and form of stress management that will leave you more energized. After all, its important to remember that stress itself is a major energy sapper.

Frank F.

Always warm-up before starting to exercise.

Always begin an exercise routine with a warm-up routine to get your muscles ready for exercise. More importantly, a good warm-up will prevent injury and get your blood flowing.

Marie G.

Sports can be a fun way to get exercise.

If you want to be more certain that you will stick to an exercise routine, join a sports team. More importantly, taking part in a sport will make exercise fun so that it does not actually feel like exercise.

Terry H.

Schedule exercise for time that is convenient.

Don't schedule exercise at a day or time where it can easily be pushed aside by other priorities. For example: Lunchtime might be a convenient time to exercise but if your work load starts to increase, you might end up skipping out on exercising.

Robert I.

Get into the habit of exercising first.

Get into the habit of exercising first before you go out and spend money on expensive gym equipment or a gym membership. After you are in the habit of exercising, then you can think about splurging.

Karen J.

Avoid long breaks between the dates you exercise.

Avoid having long breaks between the days or dates that you exercise. The longer the break is in your exercise routine, the harder it will be to get back into the habit of exercising.

Beverly K.

Know what you like and hate about exercise first.

Before you fall off the exercise wagon, make an effort to understand why this might occur. In other words, know what you like and dislike about exercise before you start exercisin.

Sharon L.

Remember: Warm up, workout and cool down.

No matter what type of exercise program you choose, a safe and effective exercise proram will always consist of a warm up, a workout and a cool down.

Judy M.

Busy people can walk more for exercise

Some people feel that they can't work exercise into their busy schedules. These are the people who will benefit by parking as far away from the door as they can and walking more.

Aaron N.

Consider dancing for exercise

Do you dance? Dancing is sweeping the nationby storm, and is becoming the newest exercise regimen. Ballroom dancing can be the best exercise you've ever done, and it's fun, too!

Kimberly O.

Schedule exercise as you would meetings

If you're a really busy person and think you don't have time to exercise, make it part of your business. Schedule your exercise session just like you would a business meeting.

Amanda P.

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