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Find out what works for you, motivates you and your mental barriers


Hi, This is Linda Guirey, the Choice Champion and Im talking to you today about exercise. Now, thats really been a bad word in my head for a very long time. Why? Because Ive tried it all and I have looked to that as hard work. Ive tried the exercise machines, all sorts of exercise machines. Ive tried aerobics, lounge with dvd. Ive looked at Zumba. Ive joined the gym. Ive done so many things and still I found exercise to be difficult. I would love to go for a walk everyday, that would be my idea on a beautiful day and say if you go for a walk at the beach but in order for me to do that, I need to drive to the beach. So this is my first mental barrier. I said its not easy. Walking around here. Where I lived its quite hilly and I hate hills, big ones. So, again,mental barrier. This isnt gonna work for me. Its got to be enjoyable. Its got to be easy. Some people like the social side of a gym. You need to know what works for you. You need to know how youre motivated. I love music. I love to dance. Thats where my answer came . And now, I exercise, 4-5 days a week for 30-40 minutes in my garage with the music playing. I have a dance track on my ipod thru the speakers, playing all different music, thats really good to dance to, and Ive taken snippets from Zumba and Ive explored to some of the exercises that are really good for differents parts of the body and I just dance and I run on the spot to the beat of the music when I feel like it. I use my arms, my legs and then I will use of the tracks for weights and no longer a chore . Im dancing. I enjoy it. Nobody else is watching me. Im not comparing myself to other people. I joined the gym once and I have to walk through the mens gym to go to the aerobics class. I havent got a great shape and that was so embarrassing. Did I last at that gym? No. Find out what really works for you. Find out what motivates you and what are your barriers. When I found dance, it was no longer exercise. It just gave me energy for the day and everyday is different depending on what I want to do. Make it easy. Make it workable. If you dont want other people watching you, find somewhere where you can do. I just see it as a part of being healthy. It does invigorate you. It helps your memory, your alertness and it just make you feel good but as soon as you look at it, this exercise as hardwork, youve already put up one barrier. Enjoy. Do what you wanna do. Have a good day!

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