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Exercise for a purpose


Exercise is not always fun. I've never had a gym membership because I just can't stomach the feeling of being on the machine and being really bored even if I had a music playing device or something that keep me entertained. It wouldn't be motivating enough for me because I would always be thinking, oh, there's something better I could be doing right now and I wouldn't end up showing into the gym. So, the way I make hard work fun is that I changed my attitude about it by making it for a purpose and that can mean literally . You know, I can go on marathons or walk for a cause or for a cheer. I love to do those. But it can also mean total spiritually releasing yourself from the outcome of your workout and instead giving yourself in the moment, giving your workout cue an idea . Now, that's a little eccentric . So, Im gonna give you some more examples. The friend of mine loves to run, and when she runs and shes pounding the pavement and she's starting to get tired , she starts thinking about someone else who's getting tired working hard on something like somebody whos fighting cancer and she starts putting all that energy from her run into the wishes and hope for that person and each time her foot hits the cement, she's thinking, you know, get better , keep fightingfor her friend and that motivates her to keep pressing on . And for me, since I am very spiritual and religious myself, I love to religious dancing and when I perform, I can offer up those performances or even rehearsals up to my God. And they're like receiving benefits from something I am doing right now instead of waiting for delayed gratification of a healthy body and more stamina.

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