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Find someone to exercise with


Making exercise more fun is really important. Ive been exercising for most of my adult life and the five years when I didnt do regular exercises when I experienced personal trauma in my private life and it wasnt a good thing. Exercise got me beyond that and helped me to cope with what it was like being on my own. My first bit of advice is to join a group. Find a club or organization where you can train with other people then try to do it on your own. The second advise is get a training partner , a specific person with whom you exercise regularly. They can help keep you accountable, keep you honest and you can start to learn to enjoy what it is that you are doing by watching them and doing it with them and making your friendship integral part of the exercise. And the third thing is to set yourself goals and give yourself rewards. If you have a specific goal of going running for half an hour three times this week , also, right next to it and when I have done this, I will and then feel something that you find rewarding and enjoyable as a result. Hopefully, in this way, you will not only feel that the exercise is beneficial. It also leads to you directly getting something that youre really going to like.

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