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Make a list of the things you enjoy doing


Hi, Im Janietzche. I am a {inaudible}. This is what I am and so for me anything that doesnt feel good that I dont enjoy I try not to do now. I know that this is always not practical but when there are things that I feel unnecessary for me to do, I take those things and I find a way to make it enjoyable. So, when I am engaging that action, doing it in a way that brings pleasure to me. Doing it in way that makes it fun for me. Doing it in a way that makes it truly enjoyable for me. Yes, sometimes you got to try a few things but when you persist you are able to find ways of doing almost everything really, in a way that is fun and that is enjoyable and exercise is no exemption. So, this used to be an issue for me too. Exercising was too much hard work. The word in itself used to completely freak my brain and short-circuit it But in the end, I knew that when I exercise I felt better. I felt good about myself. I had more energy and I just generally dealt with life and my experiences in a more fluent manner. So, I made it my mission to find a way to get some exercise that was truly enjoyable to me. What did I do? I sat down and I made a list. I made a list of all the activities I felt would give me some exercise that are really enjoyed and the list look something like this: 1.I love walking on the beach. 2. I love going hiking in the forest I live in Cape Town, beautiful Cape Town and I love to go for hikes up one of mountains here called Lions Head. I also enjoy the rebounding. When I rebound, I feel, Oh freaking amazing. So, these were a few of the things that just automatically became part of my list and instead of choosing one of them and trying to do those things regularly or daily, I decided that daily I would take that list and do one of those things on the list and over time, my list has grown to a much bigger list. So, as time goes by, Ive added more activities to that list that also allows me to get my body moving.That is all that matters. So, using the words exercise,perhaps in itself , always brings up images of sweat and hard work and heavy breathing and to some people its not always fun except of course when heavy breathing is accompanied with something else. But the fluid being that If you cant find a way to move your body to get going in a way that is enjoyable for you, it no longer becomes exercise. Its now an activity that you do that is a daily experience or every other day experience that brings you joy, that feels good and that doesnt take an effort for you to do it. So, try some of the things that Ive mentioned or alternatively, create your own list and then start playing with those things on your list and dont forget, enjoy. Enjoy. Enjoy.

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