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Find the thing that works best for you and go for it


Some people want to come to the gym and that really works with them. Other people would drive them off to rock. So, I want you to think when you were a kid , what did you do then that was really, really fun? You just got up, you went out, you had fun. You didnt say, Im not gonna have a fun time today. You actually look forward to it, so its your mindset. Ok, so, lets say, you dont like the gym, what else can you do? Why not start with walking? Walking is probably one of the best exercises you can do and you can bring your ipod with you. You can buff along to the ipod or you can listen to some inspirational stuff or you can decide, look I havent seen this friend of mine, maybe Ill just ask her, does she want to come out for a work at an arranged time. You know, if you got kids, maybe you can arrange with them or have some meal time for you. If the walking doesnt work, skipping is great. Skipping is just magic. It brings you back to your childhood. I mean, lets face it. Boxers do it. So, why not get a skipping rope and just skip around the house if that what makes you happy. You can also do it with the kids. If youre serious trying it, I can tell you that all boxers are seriously trying with skip and ropes. Now, what about hula hoops? I dont know what you call them in your part of the world. Its a circular kind of a round thing and you skip through this as well. Its really cool. There are so many ways. Now, I want you to think of what did you find fun in exercise? When did you like to exercise for fun? What about dancing? I mean, its the business really. The great thing about dance is that youve got your music going on to,connecting with the music, youre thinking about the music and youre just free. its the most universal thing of expression that Ive ever seen so what about dancing? You dont have to go to the gym if you dont want to. You dont have to be the busiest person in the world but a little bit of exercise each day is seriously going to make your heart better. Its going to make you feel better and it really will have all those happy {inaudible} just flying around your body and you will feel, it actually have done something for you and dont you deserve it? So, it doesnt have to be that hard {inaudible}.. You dont have to go to{inaudible}. training.You dont have to be rushing dumbbells down the wall, you dont have to be doing one hundred and fifty million{inaudible}. Find the one that works for you. What work in the past works for you and go with that. If thats dancing, dance your way. One of the things I do at home is {inaudible}., its great for me because I dont think my house will be clean. I would got to {inaudible}. him on and then hoovering around there and then listening to him. Whatever works for you. So you dont have to really kill yourself there and have a whole regime, if thats what you want, fine. What look for makes it for.Walk worked in the past that was best for you. When did you really, really enjoy the exercise? Was it when you were swimming? You dont have to be Mark Spitz. You dont have to be an olympic swimmer. Is it the aerobics swimming? What is it? Just find the thing that works best for you and go for it. You dont have to be like anyone else. Youre your own unique person. Do what works for you and have fun doing it. Enjoy!

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