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Pay attention to what is fun to you


Exercise has ever been one of my favorite things to do. From the time I was a kid, I always felt awkward, so graceless. I wore this really thick glasses at a very early age and it always made me feel off balance in the way of organized sports. So, I just did normal kids stuff, playing with my brothers and my sisters and my friends. And that was really my exercise in my childhood. So, into my adulthood, I really have never really had an exercise program. Last year though, I made a decision that it was kind of my year to take of me physically, to eat better, to exercise and just get overly healthier so that I have the energy and vitality to do this wonderful work right now that Im doing with my business. And I found that I have all these resistance about exercise. Every excuse in the book, I would find a reason to not exercise. I could do the eating part but oh my Goodness, not the exercise. And I learned I had these two voices in my head. I had this authoritative voice, Follow the rules of the experts. Go to the gym. Do all these heavy wraps. Do the cardio. Go for the burn and the rebels going, No, this is not fun. Were not gonna do this. This is work. Its just not fun and play. And what I realized is that I was doing what everyone else taught me I should be doing or told me what I should be doing and not listening to my own inner guidance about what fun was. I made an amazing discovery that exercise is fun. I really enjoy walking. I enjoy working in parks and arboretums. I enjoy walking upstairs, downstairs. I enjoy walking the dogs. I enjoy walking. And when I started paying attention to what I enjoy and in the environment in which I enjoyed exercising, exercise became fun. Then I put it in my calendar and now its such a regular part of my daily life or my weekly life. I dont do it everyday but I now exercise consistently three to five days a week.That is just amazing because its fun. So,I advise you to really pay attention to what is fun for you and throw away everybody elses advice on the subject.

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