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All about the physical aspects


___________Petrea King________________ You know, if we, we are very preoccupied by the material appearance of things, and even science is terribly caught up only in what it can see and label and I didn't find, and that's completely at odds with the energy that consciousness, that enlivens all the creation, and if we keep looking at the material and expect to find the creation, what we need to be aligned to is the consciousness that enlivens creation, and realize that it is that energy and that vibration that brings everything into form, and if we are so caught up in the form, so long as it looks good, we don't care how it feels. And that's something that dramatically needs to change and of course the whole world now is going through to this enormous birthing process because what we created there, what we've lived, what happened to now is completely unsustainable in to the future. And so our economics system are collapsing, the environmental system are collapsing, um, there is uh, health system. Everything is in a process, I don't know how it is in California, but I'm certain here in Australia, all of these institutions that we're so relied upon, all the things that are really fundamental to our lives, the environment, are changing really dramatically now, and most people don't change, most people don't, um make a major transformation in their life except through suffering and it seems sad that we have to stop that so much in order to shift, but so many people are happy with mediocrity, that's why I can recommend cancer to anyone, you know it's fantastic for sharpening up your motivation, however, it's a bit, it's a bit drastic. And we want to be able to learn these lessons without having to create "d" in our life. And an environmental disaster that's on holding all around us now, because I know everywhere throughout the world is having a really serious environmental crime siege right now.

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