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Make fitness fun


How do you make exercise fun? I think, its very simple. You need to understand what you like to do, what gives you happiness and joy and infuse that into your workout. So, whether its as simple as taking your favorite music with you and then listening to that when youre running miles on a treadmill or it could be something like take a friend. Take a friend to workout with because you can motivate each other, encourage each other especially whether you do trainer, the arc trainer, the bench press, whatever the case maybe. But having another person to urge you on can be of huge motivator so I would suggest doing that. Also or maybe, another thing that helps is, have some sort of a goal. So when you have a goal you know that youre working towards something and each participation is a small step in that direction. So, when you have a goal, you then know that youre working towards something. I will also suggest talking to your gym trainer to create a workout plan for you because then you have a clear idea as to exactly what youre doing on a A day and a B day. Like an A day is the day that you exercise certain sort of muscles and a B day is when you exercise another set of muscles. I mean thats the plan and my personal trainer gave me. I mean, I go to Planet Fitness and the other forms of training is free so I mean,maybe thats an option for you as opposed to rocking up those crazy balls with personal trainer. I know that some gyms, the personal training is like sixty bucks a session. I know thats a lot of money so maybe Planet Fitness is the solution for you. And with these personal workouts and trainings are actually free from Planet Fitness. Im not getting any commission from Planet Fitness but I think it something that can help and its their really friendly price plan at initially twenty bucks a month for the black card membership and ten bucks a month for basic membership. Yeah, maybe its something that you got to look at. Yeah, I think thats about it.

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