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Find and do the things that you enjoy


Things that makes you feel good, for instance, fan. I walk and cycle, these are the things that I find great. I used to go to the gym and it just didnt work for me. It really didnt. Im just getting an image here to let you see. This was me couple of years ago. So, I good.kept saying that I have to go to the gym. I have to do this. I have to do that. And actually all I did was set myself up for failure because I didnt want to go in the first place. I didnt find it fun. I didnt find an interest. It was something that I felt that I had to do because I was being told, you have to do this. Actually, no you dont but on many reasons you can be active. You got to find things that make you feel I love swimming but I wouldnt go because of the shape that I was in. I still to be honest struggle today, but because I have children, I go and I look after them so I dont think about me so much. Its not about me which is great. But I find walking and I find cycling , and these two things, I absolutely love and enjoy doing it and if I havent done it for a while because of commitments elsewhere, I get frustrated and I want get back, and I thought, I would never be saying that. But I really do enjoy getting it real soon. To me, with exercise its about finding the exercise that works for you. Were all different. I have people that I know who love going to the gym. They go in for 45, 50 minutes or they go spinning, or they do these types of things. And you know what, that works for them. I just Four walls scenario for me going into a gym to do this, this, that and come out, just does not work for me. But going out and seeing scenery and things that I havent seen before because I havent taken the time to wander and walk in a area that I live. Is actually really, really work for me. And the great thing about walking is it doesnt really matter who you are. You can do it. So for instance, when Im awake because Im awake a lot, I can still walk. I dont need to stay at a hotel or a gym. I dont need to have a swimming pool. I dont need to have a bike. Walking, I think. Great walk. So, lets say cheers. Exercise can be fun and staying to what works for you and what works for you, will work for you. I know that sounds crazy but its true. If you set yourself up to do something that youre not going to enjoy then the chances are youre gonna fail at it and the more inner problem with that is that you then fail on a regular basis and when we fail on a regular basis, we accept that is the norm and actually the danger. So. Find yourself something that you enjoy and go and do it and you will enjoy it.

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