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The purpose of posture


________Umang Goel_________ One aspect of yoga is meditation. That is called Samadhi, Sahaj Samadhi which is simple meditation. You don't need this hi-fi tools to have a meditation practice. It's very simple. Posture is very important only because there is a reason behind it. ________JJ Thiret__________ That's for the breathing, right? ________Umang Goel_________ You got it, very good. When your alignment is right, when your posture is right, guess what happens? Your channels of energy, chakras are completely open, and so the energy is flowing nicely, and reaches the crown of your head where it's supposed to be. So, the third eye, the crown of the head, all of these, when they're all aligned, your healing center, the chakras, they're all open up, so that you can maximize the benefit. That's why posture is important. Does that mean that you cannot be sitting in a chair with your back completely against the chair? You can. Does that mean that you cannot just have your hands folded like this and not meditate? Absolutely, you can. Does that mean that a person who is physically incapable of doing it, does that mean that the person cannot meditate? Absolutely not, you could be lying down on your hospital bed, and you could be meditating. The posture, even when you're lying down, you can be aligned properly.

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