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Use different forms of exercises and try to fit it into your schedule


Exercise is a critical part of every busy executive life. The question is about how do you make exercise more fun? My answer to that is through variety. The only good way to make sure that you have a good exercise regimen is to use many different forms of exercise and try to fit it into your schedule. For example, I would suggest to anyone that is interested in jogging or running, read a book called Born to Run. Its a fantastic book about the evolution of different running but inside the book, theres tips about eating habits, about the way that you take your focus on exercise and make it more fun. But my advice is take exercise when you can and try and do something everyday. Some people say to me, well, how do you fit in to your busy schedule? And the easy answer is just find different ways of making it more fun by putting it into your schedule. So, for example, if youre travelling out of town on business and its raining outside, why not find the hotel gym and do workout in that gym. Ask concierge or with the local police, go to an aerobics class or even if its a big hotel, just walk in between every floor. So, get on to a floor, walk right around as far as you can on each floor. Go to the next floor and vice versa. So really, making exercise fun is about attitude. Once you can fit that it into your schedule, make sure that its regular and it is variety, then its not gonna be a drag and its not gonna be a hard work.But ultimately, its about your personal resolve. If you want to make exercise an important part of your regimen, then you just do it. Its about resolving to do it and then just doing it.

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