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Exercise, have more fun


Exercise is not fun. Well, thats the thing there because Id been a personal trainer for 31 years and thats something that always amazes me that some people think that. What I tell people is first of all, if you dont think exercise or moving your body is fun but if you begin to exercise, begin to move your body and get much more fit, you will definitely will begin to have a lot more fun in your life because if you dont exercise and youre not very fit, youre not gonna be able to do a lot of fun things that you think are fun. You are not gonna be able to them very well because you havent been exercising and youre not strong enough, youre not fit enough. So, dont miss out on some fun things because you havent exercised. And also, think about this, all the young species, animals and including us, human beings, when youre first born or when youre really small, thats all they want to do, exercise, run, jump and play. So why did you lose that? Why did you lose it? You have to ask yourself then. At that time, Im sure you thought that moving your body was fun. It was the most thing, to jump and run, make noise and do everything you possibly could. Thats a lot of fun so why did we lose it? I think, we just got too serious. We got too stressed out. We think all these other things are so important but really exercising and moving your body, its really fun. So, what I would recommend to people here is again Id like to ask these people this question ,What is really fun in your life? And What people really dont know is theyve gone so far on the extreme that they dont even know whats fun anymore. So, find some things that you think would be fun, that involve moving your body. You dont have to run miles and miles. You dont have to lift heavy weights.. You dont have to work out really hard. Just move your body on a consistent basis. You got to stretch your body. You got to move it. You got to do some strength and exercises. You dont have to beat yourself up. You just need to do something on a consistent basis and the more you do it, the more fun youll have I guarantee that.

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