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Make exercise fun not hard work


Ok. Well, exercise is not always fun for people. As a personal trainer I certainly hear that often but I heard it today from a gentleman. And So, heres what Id say to you, first of all can be fun when youre doing something you really enjoy. Just got to be an activity that you enjoy. So, what is it, class? Whether its working with a trainer or exercising on your own. So find something that makes your heart sing, something that brings smile to your face, something thats personally meaningful and relevant to you and your health and fitness goals. Lets see, how else can make it in a hard work. Well,you do have to sweat or workout some heat in your body and you need to move your muscles to do that. So, to some degree, its gonna be work but also it depends on how you frame it mentally. So, If you see exercise as hard work then maybe you can find a form of exercise thats not physically demanding that helps you to get started in an exercise program. And yet, when something is hard work, can also be affected by what the environment is like for you. Because if youre in an environment where the music and the gym doesnt suit you then you know, thats gonna make it hard work. You have to turn off tune up and music to be able to focus on what youre doing. Perhaps, theres other aspect to environment such as the people as well around you who just dont seem to make exercise enjoyable and make it just kind of harder. Let see what else we got. Well, apart from your beliefs with yourself can make a difference whether an exercise is hard work or not, theres also your skills and capabilities. Now, if you can do something well, that means youve practiced it and you believed that you can do it well, then its gonna be easier and its gonna be slightly less work. Its gonna be lesser with drag , in other words. So, its important that you feel competent at it. Another thing that can make exercise a little bit less work and more fun is also to ensure that you have some say of what youre doing. If someone is barking orders at you and telling you what to do, such as they might be doing a bootcamp. Then yeah, ok. Its nice to sometimes switch off and that someone else make a decision about you should do. However, you are giving your power over to them and you are giving your responsibility for your health to that person.So, I would suggest that you re-engage in allowing yourself to decide whats right for you and then you make the choice as to what exercise you want to do and how long you want to do it for. Main thing is to do something and make sure its something you enjoy. Next , One very important thing in terms of moderation is to ensure that what youre doing connect you with other people. Either during the work out with the workout body or class or with a trainer or after it so that you can turn around to your partner or children and say, Hey, I went to the gym today and did this..and this and the person says, Hey,thats great. You look beautiful, honey or whatever else theyre going to say to you. So, its important to be in a relationship with someone who is a friend, a colleague, a spouse, whoever that can turn around and say, You know what? I really appreciate that youre exercising, you look great and keep doing it because I love you because you are taking care of yourself. Most people dont necessarily say those words, its important that they do, ha!ha!ha! and also as well that you hear them because when you exercise and workout, I know that theres someone who genuinely cares for you and isnt gonna criticize you then that can make a big difference to make exercise seem more enjoyable and less work. Lets have a look if theres anything else. Well, Id also say as well, dont walk out for too long. Forty-five minutes max, depending on the type exercise especially if its high intensity. More than forty-five minutes may actually have a negative effect in terms of changes on your hormone levels and the negative effect means that you dont get as much benefit from the exercise. So, keep your workouts to forty-five minutes. Keep your cluster to fifty minutes, something like that so that its not too long. Maybe you can be in and out in around about an hour. So, make it doable.Make it convenient as well. Let me see if theres any more other things that I would love to share with you today about making exercise more fun. Lets see if theres anything else. You know what? One big thing about exercise, and remember this one, be free to make exercise a part of your life and a part of who you are. Its really essential that you realize that once you change your identity to see yourself to someone who exercises then that can have a powerful shift in helping you to really start exercising consistently and to see its something more enjoyable because it has a purpose.

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