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Making the right decisions

Making the right decisions

Do the best you can as a parent

Do the best you can as a parent

Believe and trust you intuition and instinct

Believe and trust you intuition and instinct

Let go of that overwhelming feeling towards yourself

Let go of that overwhelming feeling towards yourself

Some helpful tips for parents on how to take care of their babies

Some helpful tips for parents on how to take care of their babies

Welcome to the parenthood

Welcome to the parenthood

Shower your children with love

Shower your children with love

Reject all those negative hypnotics in yourself

Reject all those negative hypnotics in yourself

Appreciate how lucky you are to have a new born child

Appreciate how lucky you are to have a new born child

Have a little time for yourself

Have a little time for yourself

Do the right thing right here, right now

Do the right thing right here, right now

When it comes to newborns nobody is an expert

When it comes to newborns nobody is an expert

Let go of the overwhelmed and just enjoy being with your baby

Let go of the overwhelmed and just enjoy being with your baby

Quick Tips:

Pamper yourself as a parent

Even though you are a parent, you need to set aside time for yourself. Get a babysitter to watch the kids for a day and go spend some quality time with your spouse.

Arthur E.

Sleep is important for kids too

Sleep is as important for kids as it is for adults. However, the amount of sleep hat kids require will depend on their age as well as their activity levels. One aspect that indicates if they get enough sleep is their level of activity the next day.

Ashley L.

Offer support for bed wetting problem

Bed wetting is a common problem that occurs in kids. Research shows that 13% of kids under six wet their beds while about 5% of 10-year olds do. Its important that you provide emotional support for your kid when this happens.

Andrea M.

Potty training can be a challenge

Potty training is the single biggest challenge facing parents with young kids. Look for signs of readiness and slowly encourage your child. Never scream or punish kids if they have bathroom accidents.

Juan N.

Choosing the right preschool

Enrolling your kids in a preschool requires a fair amount of research because of the numerous options available to you. Safety, cleanliness, friendliness of the teachers, location and cost are some of the factors that you should consider.

Linda O.

Understand the reasons for teeth grinding

Bruxism is the condition when a kid grinds his or her teeth, especially at night. Understand the reason behind this habit as it can be a response to some form of pain. In most cases, it will go away on its own.

Angela P.

Schedule dentist visit at least twice a year

Visit to a dentist is important for your kid's oral health. It prevents them from developing any gum or mouth diseases. Pediatric dentists are available everywhere and so, take some time off to see on them regularly.

Alexander Q.

Teething can be a difficult time

Teething is a tough period for babies because it is painful and nagging. So, they will tend to be cranky and may not want to eat much. You should support your baby during this tough period by providing teething toys and lots of love.

Natalie R.

Fluoride is important for teeth

Check if your water contains fluoride This is an important substance for the healthy growth of teeth in kids. If your water does not have the recommended amounts of fluoride, then you can supplement it with liquid drops.

Joan S.

Co-sleeping may work for you

Co-sleeping is a controversial topic and it has proponents and opponents who vouch that one way or the other is the best. It mostly depends on the comfort levels of the parents and babies and it can be different for different families.

Jennifer T.

Child-proofing is essential

Child proofing your house is the first step you take towards protecting a safe environment for your kids. Plug in electric sockets, use safety gates, keep choking items away and finally supervise your kid all the time.

Harry W.

Watch out for playground injuries

Playgrounds are a fun place for kids. However, it also causes many kids of injuries in kids. In fact, about 200,000 cases of playground injury are treated every year in the US. So, as parents you have to monitor them and ensure that they are safe.

Helen A.

Keep your child safe from SIDS

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is the leading cause of death for under 1 year olds. Know the potential cause of SIDS and do everything possible to prevent it.

Roger B.

Watch out for baby product recalls

Recall for baby food and toys occurs frequently and so its important you closely monitor any news in this regard. Choose products that are safe for your baby and throw away things that are a part of the recall.

Cynthia C.

Always carry a first-aid kit

Its a good idea to have a well-stocked first aid with you all the time. Kids have a higher chance than adults for injury and so this can be a vital item for you. Replenish the products in the first aid kit as you use them.

Janet D.

Have phone numbers listed down

You should have the phone numbers of your local emergency, poison control and hospital in your cell phone and also in a prominent place at home. This will make it easy for everyone in your house to call in case of an emergency.

Arthur E.

Kid's medical records are important

Your child's medical history is a valuable piece of information. You should record any allergies and your kid's current medication in a safe and yet easily accessible location at home. This will make it easy for paramedics to administer drugs in the case of an emergency.

Rachel F.

Constipation is common among kids

Constipation is a common problem among kids and it can be treated with a diet that is high in fiber and water. Stress, anxiety and certain types of foods can lead to irritable bowel syndrome and as parents, its important you prevent it.

Jordan G.

Serve only water and milk for drinking

The best drinks for your child are milk and water. Avoid sugary drinks and sodas as they are not a healthy option. Also, kids need the calcium that is available in milk for a strong and healthy teeth and bones.

Ruth H.

Family meals are important

Family meals should be an integral part of your everyday life. It not only encourages children to have a healthy diet, but it is also a great way for some family time and bonding.

Brian I.

Involve your kids in cooking

Try as much as possible to involve your kids in cooking. Give them chores that are simple and not harmful in any way. This kind of participation will help them to make better choices in the food they eat.

Gloria J.

Have an eating schedule and stick to it

Have a schedule for meals and try to stick to this schedule as much as possible. Usually, it is three to four meals a day followed by a few snacks. Never allow them to keep snacking on something or the other all the time.

Betty K.

Be a role model for healthy eating

A good way to encourage kids to have a healthy and well-balanced meal is to be a role model. When you make healthy choices, they are sure to follow you and this can make your entire family a healthy and happy one.

Jacob L.

Washing hands is important

Teach your kids to wash their hands at a young age. This will inculcate the idea of cleanliness and will also help them to stay away from germs. You have to ensure that they wash hands before every meal.

Zachary M.

Try to protect your kids from germs

The environment is a prominent culprit when it comes to germs and the associated sickness. While its not possible to protect your kids from all germs and harmful substances, you can take preventive steps to protect them to a certain extent.

Nathan N.

Indoor cleanliness is important too

Indoor cleanliness is as important as outdoors and so, make it a point to clean and vacuum the house at least once every week. Keep humidity levels under 50% to prevent the formation of dust mites and molds.

Doris O.

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