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Do the right thing right here, right now


Well, this particular topic I remember taking home (inaudible) he was born in 2007 and I remember my wife Val and I coming home and we we're so thrilled that we've had this baby girl and we got home and I remember taking her in a caddy seat open on the living room table, coffee table and I remember looking at Valentine what do we do now? there is nothing at there you can read all you want, you can do all these things about (inaudible) to be a good parent I hate to do this but it is actually a (inaudible) because every one of them reacts differently we've all got different characters and we have another daughter Heather and a son Angus and they're all different and we often look at each other and say what do you do now, what happens here, what happens there and it's that scariest thing that we ever done in our lives but the one thing that we found is that, I don't know that you do the right things or the wrong things you just have to do things so you do the best that you can with the knowledge you have and it all work when you love them and cherish them you tend to do the right things naturally but I can understand that people feel pressured generally by (inaudible) influences of what you should be doing or what you're children should be wearing or what (inaudible) today but reality is children I think actually whether new born whether they are actually only want your time and attention that we have to work for a living, we have to earn money there are times when we you know have to do things but the reality is seating down and being there with them and not just being in the same room on your phone texting to people on the phone speaking to people or watching a television (inaudible) that's actually being there with them at their level being there, my wife seeing (inaudible) to the supermarket speaking to (inaudible) from when she was a new born, speaking (inaudible) saying I'm away to get some vegetables and talking out to the vegetables people thought she was mad, here's reality (inaudible) at the age of 3 was going to the supermarket and picking up vegetables and saying mom do we need any aubergines, do we need any crochets, do we need any carrots, do we need any cabbage and people are looking at this small girls speaking and saying all these words and new borns like old children that's (inaudible) they're brand new that are, theres nothing in there, there's no program, what they hear they take on bullet it might not appear to respond but they are like sponges and they just take information, information and just speak to them at their level you know, I seat on the floor and speak to my kids and yes, we end up having fun and what else but it actually getting down to their level and being there with them so don't worry you're get overwhelmed, do the best you can right here right now and in general that will be good enough.

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