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Believe and trust you intuition and instinct


I wish somebody would have given me some advice about having new born children and dealing with the pressure of this so this is not part of what I'm teaching in my workshops this is just share advice or sharing what I experience because I brought up three children most of the time on my own what babys and new borns are feeling is extremely sensitive and they are feeling your vibrations so when are we, when a baby is crying they are definitely not crying because they are demanding something like some people might think they just feel they are either hungry or they are tired or they want to be cuddled and it's I believe really important to respond to those feelings and needs of a child, they're (inaudible) you are as the mother or the father the quicker the child will come down meaning when come was stress already and thinking I can't do this, I'm not good enough and maybe I'm making mistake immediately the child picks up on this and then of course it's like this seesaw kind of thingy if you would of course you possibly would cry and then the baby is crying and you cry again and so again the easiest to calm down is breathing always and you can do this by holding up that child in your arms and while you're cradling it maybe even standing and moving breathe in really consciously and the child will usually pick up on this and then start breathing consciously too and it calms down (inaudible) really quickly what else can I tell you, things that we're really important for me before like having a clean house or having properly cooked meals or having the laundry all done I quite like to have this order in my place really have to take a big step and it took me some time to accept that it's okay to have a messy house and it's okay not to have the most perfect meals cooked and it's okay that the laundry is not done or that my ironing is not done because that is really not important in the greatest (inaudible) of things, what is important is that you have the energy you give as much sleep as you can and if this means not cleaning your house rather have your half an hour sleep if you can get it then, then trying to fit in which I did at the beginning all the things I have to do while my child was sleeping and later on 2 and then later on 3 by number 3 you have picked up what is important and what's not important so most of the time just blessed the time which most of us when we have the first one are far too stresses out about it and always think that we have to do everything perfect for the child you are perfect whatever you are doing will be perfect for the child it has chosen you to come in to this world and believe and trust in to your intuition and your instinct, mothers and mother in laws can be well meaning but at the end of the day you know you tried and best so just enjoy the time when they are little it's an amazing time and see them as your teachers and if they are needing more attention and they are needing more cuddling or they are needing all this body contact then try to give them as much as you can because that's the best thing you can do for that child it doesnt care whether your kitchen is clean or you wear a t-shirt that's very well ironed it cares whether you love it and loving means giving that all the attention they need it's a beautiful journey.

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