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Welcome to the parenthood


Alright, what advice would I give to a new parent whose feeling overwhelmed but a pressure of having new born? Well, first of all welcome to parenthood this is kind of what's like a, I've had a new born over the past couple of years my daughter is now two years old and my son is nine months old and of course I felt overwhelmed because it's only a responsible for somebody whose every need depend on you and you also have to come to terms with the rule of parenthood and a million other things that (inaudible) so, if you're feeling overwhelmed first of all that's natural and okay and all those moms or dad who are pretending to have a great time with a new born that is something that they're pretending on the internet or in magazines and it's not real life, real life with a new born it's messy and difficult secondly you know, don't be afraid to delegate and reach out for help whether that means taking people up on that offer for cooking meals or stuff like that you know don't let anybody come to your house unless they're bringing food first of all and, and whether that means if you have a more (inaudible) if you find yourself you know really down and the donts having thoughts of harming your child for your baby that can be serious you know (inaudible) and you're going to have to reach out for help even if it's you're scared because you're worrying that, that makes you a bad parent it doesnt, it makes you a resourceful parent and you're going to need that resourcefulness in the future because it'll only get more challenging with you and just till they're teenagers so good luck and welcome to the jungle.

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