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Do the best you can as a parent


What advice would you give to a new parent whose feeling overwhelmed by the pressure of having a new born? I want to ask this one because I'm a new dad I have a 4 year son and a 2 year old daughter and I've wanted kids in my whole life and when my first son came I mean I definitely felt the pressure because theres a certain point where I looked at this young being this precious, the most precious cargo, most precious thing I could think off of life and I was full, fully and responsible one with my partner to take care of this thing and help us into grow it was completely dependent on me it was overwhelming for what I found is that there's a lot of help out there and we've all been through this and no parent goes in parent to, to start being a parent as a pro it's impossible every parent starts out as a new parent so what do we do how do we make it work, there's a few things that I can share with you that work for me one is do your research and know your stuff, every time I decide to do something whether it's we decide to you know put the via crib, put the kid here and feed it this type of food it was all based on information that was out there based on stuff that my friends said, my family said, my parents had said things that were actually written in books but based on information I did what I thought was best for my child and having done, having have a knowledge I was able to feel more resolve than doing it that way because people going to ask you and give you a (inaudible) advice even doctors and nurses they give like I have 3 different doctors, nurses give me 3 different pieces of advice that don't work or at least either 1 works the other 2 didn't work for us because every child is different. The other thing is if you focus on what's best for the child not what's best for you parenting again is the state of being, it's also a verb, so it's a big responsibility so if you do everything you can to make sure that, that child is supported, cared for, nurtured and basically you know is taught to learn and grow and you know and hopefully, eventually integrate into society become a productive global citizen but that pressure can be leaded by a support at work this can be your friends, this can be your family members people don't even realize people want to help but we feel bad as do parents to ask people for help, when I ask my mom to come for a couple of days she showed up, when I ask someone else to come by you know to help us out just they showed up, one of things that we need help with the we didn't realize was you know, just even helping with, helping prepare food or helping us do our laundry and our friends you know who had kids and knew better they said the (inaudible) bringing over teddy bear, bringing over you know a gift that we might use as nice as she helping around the house it's huge so this is all the things that I would say that you know would help you get over the pressure of having a new born you know, you deserve to do the best you can as a parent to this child that's precious to you, do the best you can know that you're going to ask for help and again every parents starts off a new and you learn so much every day but the joy and blessing you get from having every single day with this kid is going to be incredible so make the most of it.

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