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When it comes to newborns nobody is an expert


So what advice would you give to a new parent whose feeling overwhelmed by the pressure of having a new born? Well, if you're looking at me and you're probably wondering okay there's a guy with a head phone he, hes in his house and hes going to be lecturing me on the pressure of having a new born child well, look at the reality I've got two sons and also two children (inaudible) of those pressure of having you a new born that's makes me no expert and by knows (inaudible) imagination do I have all of the answers or perhaps even any of the answer that you might want about how do you get around feeling overwhelmed, what I can tell you is some of the things that worked for me and here's one of the things that I learned if you have sleep deprivation you can't make any good decisions in fact not other than you can't make any good decision but you're probably going to be angry, you're probably going t o want to think things or going to think things and you never thought you would you could be the most loving and incredible person in the world and find yourself all of the sudden your mind set will actually you're, you would do anything to stop your baby crying and so clearly amongst of us are the same we don't do anything we restrain ourselves and we run around looking haggard when we go to work and you know hair falls out and you know we are in a really dilapidated condition from that sleep deprivation so how do you improve your senses, how do you get back to normal levels of senses and alleviate some of those pressure so if you think of yourself has being a bit more a volcano you've got to vent if you don't vent the pressure will build up and explode and a big eruption is going to affect everybody none the less your partner in life and your children so you might use the vent often and the way you vent is if you're got to do things like you've got to get some sleep so (inaudible) you've got to work as a team if you can't work as a team then you've got to find something that works for yourself and physically around sleep so for a month what it might look like is you're having a bed with if you're breast feeding you've got the baby on the bed next to you and when the baby wakes up you know the baby can breast feed straight away without any movement and then baby goes back to sleep you can go back to sleep and that can help alleviate some of the pressure that comes from sleep deprivation for the month but what about the dad if you've got to work and you (inaudible) function well that's we're you've got to work as a team and make sure you have really good communication around that first phase with sleep deprivation and second thing is that you've got to have really good diet and make sure that you're having a really healthy diet and some exercise, exercise will raise endorphins in your system which will invigorate you and delete some of that stress that you have and refresh you a little bit the other things is that find a good space that you can get away to where you can just be a little bit different you know (inaudible) for very long but it's just getting some, some breathing space from the constancy of the environment that you are (inaudible) those are just some helpful tips that have worked for me I hope that work for you and I hope that you're feeling a little bit less overwhelmed by the pressures.

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