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Let go of that overwhelming feeling towards yourself


Okay the message that I would give to a new parent is that firstly the most important thing that you need to be aware of is that, that spirit chose you, chose you as the father and it chose you as a mother so that it can be a part of your body so kids come in this world they are not kids they are spirit first it's a spirit that chose to come in this world and then from there suddenly there they are so the most important thing that I would advise you to do as a parent is that feel the moment be a part of the moment let fear come in and let fear go because the moment you let the fear go then you give, you give this child a space to be themselves you give yourself a moment to connect really with the essence of their existence and you ask yourself who are you? Why are you here? And from there they will whisper in their own spiritual way they will whisper to you who they are and why are they in this world because I think sometimes we tend to claim too much to the kids, we tend to claim them for us they are not for us they are part of us, they are past of us for a very short period of time actually because the only thing that they need from you it is that moment of you giving them a guidance they come to your hotel to lend the essence of their lives to be for the next future because in the future they leave and when they go out there to the world they take what you have taught them as the first step of their entry in to the world and then once they are deep in to the world then they are developing their own world but the first step in to the entry of their world it is your voice, it is your essence so respect what you say to them and respect the feeling of that child that's what I can say the overwhelming feeling towards yourself make it more about your child within and life will be easier I thank you.

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