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Shower your children with love


Okay maybe I'm not the right person to answer this question about you know youre feeling, you're a new parent and you're feeling overwhelmed what I would say is tomorrow is going to be better than today you know, so I think that's a simple truth that can motivate you to you know take on the day and know that you know as the, as your child grows and you know becomes older with time things that, things are going to improve and be very careful as to have you raise your child because the way you raise your child is how your child is going to treat you when he or she grows up so be a little bit mindful of that too and shower your child with love, affection, motivation, encouragement because that's something that is going to give him or the ability to do everything that they set their mind out to do and may be even do things that maybe you're not capable of doing or have an thought of doing or havent taken a chance of doing so I would say I mean to summarize again tomorrow is going to be better than today, enjoy these moments because they are certainly not going to last forever and you now when your kids grown up and on a college you know you're going to look back at to these moments when they we're little and how theyre rely on you so much and I think it would be extremely heart warming so I hope that helps and go parenting.

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