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Some helpful tips for parents on how to take care of their babies


One of the greatest things in life is when you have a baby, have a newborn in the house. It is also one of the scariest things in life because you end up worried how you're going to look after that little tot, how you're going to take care of it. And you don't have the same experience as your mom or your dad have or your grandmother have. So you're always going to worry how am I going to look after this little child, what happens when it gets sick, and what happens when it falls, what happens if I squeeze him too tight or hugged too tight and these are all normal but the thing that you've got to remember is that each of us have the instincts within us to look after a child and to nurture that child. And you may not realize that at the moment but six months, a year, two, three years down the road and become very [inaudible] at and you've actually picked up quite a lot from, you know, mom and dad as to what went on when you were a child and what was the best practice for looking after a child. If I know there's a [inaudible] how to change diapers and how to watch a baby and how to hold a baby and you also find that, you know, there's a lot of things out there now that years ago we didn't have the internet. You can look up on the internet and you can find out things very quickly. Well, I suppose the best advice I can give you is that when you have a newborn, it's [inaudible] to groups with newborns, you know peers and talk to those about what's happening with them and what they're doing, how they're coping with these, how they're coping with night sleeps, and what's going on. But also, remember that your mom and your dad are probably the best and actually quite [inaudible] if you can take it from them or go back to them, visit them and ask them about things that you're having problems with. And there's nothing that you're bringing up baby that you should be embarrassed about. You can talk openly about how your child is and what's happening with the child and your concerns of not being able to look after or that you feel you don't you won't be able to look after. You need to talk to your parents and talk to your grandparents, and other people will call it [inaudible] that it's rubbish trash. There's a lot of other remedies out there. It's actually staggering the amount of little remedies out there that our parents, that our grandparents have that actually worked for children. And with [inaudible] so can be child is not sleeping well, or things like that, how to get a child to behave correctly, how to get a child to stand and walking, and starting things the way you would conceive that a normal child would deal with those things. Along the way, you're going to get frustrated because children being children will cry a lot and as a dad of two children, I noticed you're gonna get a lot of ups and downs and you're going to get a little bit strife with your partner. And because certain things have happened while he was gone but too tired to get off when the other person's going to feel overworked and the best thing to do about this is to at the start of the week, set a road trip that you know what you're going to do, who's going to cover what night and what hours, and also set the feeding times and try to stick with those feeding times and changing times, and what we call personal times with the baby is when one of us or both parents sit down with the baby and take some time to interact with the baby and just talk to it. That baby is certainly [inaudible] babies love to hear the voice of their parents and it really encourages their growth both mentally and physically. So take that time out, quiet time. Take the phone off the hook, take you know, put the latch on the door, lock your door, and just take an hour or two hours quiet time. Just you and your immediate family there so you can really cherish those times. Believe me, you won't feel the time going by. My eldest son is 19 now and to me it seems like only four or five years ago that he was born. So, you know, you get [inaudible] these little things and [inaudible] the time I have here. I don't have enough time to [inaudible] but there is a lot of things you can do that yourself and the baby. But most importantly is to cooperate between yourself and your partner and to make sure that nobody feels overworked or abused in the relationship of the family. So, again, we all spend a lot of time watching TV and if you just cut off one of those hours of TV per night, that frees up 7 hours of your time for the week. That's another time you can spend with your family and your partner. And don't forget, you need special time with your partner as well. Get mom and dad to babysit.

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