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Have a little time for yourself


In my experience in working with clients and particularly clients who have a new born baby and who are experiencing some degree of overwhelmed or even depression what I found is that it's a (inaudible) issue what I mean about it is that each and every one of us is solved having a journey (inaudible) individual journey of growth and evolution and we (inaudible) through the experiences that we have now when we all of the sudden have the responsibility of another (inaudible) and at (inaudible) level our own individual self can feel overwhelmed and if there's no room for our own journey so my advice to someone who has a new born baby and who is experiencing overwhelmed or depression is to stop and take time out for you for yourself to lengthen the part of you what do you need to do for you so that might be just time out away from your baby having a cup of coffee meeting up with friends going in to something just for you and not feeling guilty.

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