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Let go of the overwhelmed and just enjoy being with your baby


Okay this is something that is very close to my heart because I have a two and a half year old and they share we're having a little baby and so I've been there Id love to go there again so I wanted to share really kind is what I had experience and what I had a moment after the birth of my son and what I would say and the feeling of overwhelmed is just to breathe in to it I don't it was a scarier feeling that I've experience when we brought my baby home we have face that we we're responsible for this little precious you know, and that can really just kind of make you go (inaudible) and we had all these people around you giving you advice and sharing with you about what you know what the right thing is and when to feed and when to sleep and when to burp and all the rest of it and the challenge is that it's giving you a such beautiful intentions the best of intentions to help and to help you ease in to your world but the problem is you've got so much around you and that it's just becomes too much and so if you often get overwhelmed and the first thing I would suggest is that breathe in to it realize that you do not have to have all the answer you do not need to know and the perfect baby routine you dont need to know any of that go with your instinct and that's something that it has been (inaudible) certainly did and with our son and hopefully we do this with baby number two as well and but it was really about going with your instinct and doing what's right for you and your family and when the first thing that we did when we brought our baby home where we shut the door and I'm just you let people know that we just needed to get together as a family and just be as a family and that's really important because you're creating this new structure so that your first child or whether it is (inaudible) children you know it changes the dynamics of how your family has grow so far and so the last thing that you want to do is to feel anxious about that so close the door to the world and just give yourself some time to breathe and just sometimes enjoy the baby as well because that's something that we really don't take as supposed enough (inaudible) that you might be able to enjoy your child this new baby that we brought in to this world is a miracle and (inaudible) so don't feel that you have to subscribe to all of this different books and routines and this (inaudible) any of that just take it as it comes and just feel in to it and you know the most important thing that actually you're going to need are our love and our attention so about the presence it's not about all the things that we can give to them whether they have the latest designer clothes or whether they're you know whether they have all the latest toys or whether they have the latest gadgets and (inaudible) lots of baby gadgets out there that you look at the (inaudible) you need any of that what they need is our love and our attention and if you can give them that and help them to grow in to being confident and assured, self assured people I think that's when we know we've done our job so love them let go of the overwhelm close the door to the world and just enjoy being with your baby.

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