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Reject all those negative hypnotics in yourself


The people whose feeling overwhelmed by the pressure of having a new born I would advise them to appreciate it, there are a lot of demands, natural demands in taking care of a new born but pressure is different from a demand, pressure is a soundtrack if you we're you are telling yourself you might not be good enough you might fail you should do it this way or that way, pressure actually is in an indication that you're separating yourself from relating directly and presently and kindly and softly to yourself and to the child and it phrase and poses that someone else has the right to judge you, you know overwhelmed and pressure cannot exist unless you are living as if people are judging you and that they have a right to judge and that their judgement isnt important that kind of a orientation and attitude what creates overwhelmed and pressure if you're living from the core of your being you might have many demands it might be very challenging to get out every night 3-4 times but you can do it and simply feel tired and still have a sense of delight and appreciation for the miracle of being alive and having this new being in your life so there's a big difference between the tiredness and the challenge of it which is simply the nature of the situation and can be appreciate it with a making a connection to gratitude and to light and the mystery of it and the love it's only if you start imagining and this would be hypnotic suggest telling yourself someone has the right to judge you which means you are imagining being judge in your mind maybe about your parents, about your friends who knows important understand overwhelmed and pressure are negative hypnotic suggestions, negative hypnotic imagining that we have been programmed to do to ourselves and we've mastered it to the degree that we think is real and that it has to be there because we've lost awareness that it's something renew in to our self we think it's just there prior the environment and that's a delusion so the advice I would give would be practice relaxing and opening practice being connected to the love for your child, love for yourself, reject all kinds of worries that might come in the best thing that you can do is stay present and cultivate clarity and awareness, presence, clarity and awareness allows your intelligence to function at its highest capacity to do the most appropriate thing for your child and for yourself, moment by moment in every situation overwhelmed, pressure all the fearful thinking that goes through that, that blocks your ability to have intelligent, recognition and problems, problem solving abilities that would help you do the best for your child and yourself so the best advice I would give you is when you have a sense of overwhelmed, a sense of pressure recognize that it's in some way you're involved in a negative hypnotics suggestion that are not your friend reject them, intentionally make an effort repeatedly, kindly and with compassion to relax and open stay connected to love and appreciation stay connected to the sense of the miracle of life you're life and your babys life and the new born makes it very easy to appreciate the miracle and this (inaudible) of life so enjoy it, reject overwhelmed, reject pressure, reject being judge and stay in a loving, open, learning mode good luck.

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