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Appreciate how lucky you are to have a new born child


Hi this is Linda Guirey, the choice champion and I'm here to talk to you about what advice I would give to a new parent whose feeling overwhelmed with a new born baby. The first thing I would say is how lucky you are, I mean I really mean it, how lucky you are to have that time with a new born baby to be creating the emotional foundation of (inaudible) human being, the first few years of that babys life the brain is making more connections that will last a lifetime and the more love and the more tenderness and the more caring you show your new born the higher chance that, that little baby is going to grow up in to an amazing adult human being. Sure, at times you are going to feel overwhelmed, but crying is difficult to cope with but that little, little baby cannot tell you what it wants, it can only tell you by crying and some people say we need to leave your baby to cry, somebody will say you need to pick your baby up we do what's right but the words of my doctor always stuck on my head I had three babies under three and a half and there we're times trust me that I felt overwhelmed so my doctor said to me your baby will never from crying so when you feel that you're at your (inaudible) give your baby a love and kiss put it in his bed and just go outside or just go in to a room and place a music just for a moment to be able to breathe give (inaudible) and realize, babys not there to make your life difficult it's wanting your love and that is all when you have time to take a breather you go back and you show that little infant the tenderness of love that you have inside because that's all its wanting and don't be afraid to ask for help friends, family, services don't be too (inaudible) and feel that you have to do it all by yourself, your partner work together share these moments, enjoy these moments because trust me you will missed them when these little (inaudible) become teenagers. Love everyday they are precious individuals and you've created that life be so proud, you create that wonderful adult by loving them as much every day as you possibly can. Enjoy.

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