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Things to consider when seeking a counselor


Hi, Im Janietzche. Based on my experience, we have all the answers within ourselves. When we are able to go within and connect to that inner guiding system that we all have, the answer are all there available to us. However, there are times in our lives when we are not able to get to that place of stillness were we can clearly distinguish between what is inner guidance and what is not. And during those times in our lives is normally when we are very confused, theres no clarity , we are unable to find that quiet space within us. And generally, we are in a point where we cant see the wood from the trees. For us to solve or move beyond or transcend the situation that we are in on our own is very difficult. For me, these are the times when it is very useful and helpful for I am to that seek some outside support , whether it be a counselor or coach or psychologist or a healer. During this, enables to you to get a different perspective. Like Einstein said, A problem can not be solved at the same mindset which to it was created. So, going to a professional and qualified person who is able to assist you with the situation that you are dealing with, allows them to approach your situation from a different mindset and because that doing this, they can offer and allow for you to do your own processes and recognize solutions and insights that you may otherwise not have recognize on your own. Also, when going to professionals would deal on things on it energy level. They often are able to assist you in energetically changing your risk on it and your alignment with the energy of the situation. In other words, you will completely out of alignment and now by bringing yourself into alignment with that situation, it becomes clearer for you exactly how, when and what you would like to do about it . So , going to a counselor or coach, a psychologist or healer provides you with the tools to sit through and organize not just your fault but also your emotions. And what this does is it helps you to come to a point of clarity. And when youre in a point of clarity, you are in a much better position to make supportive decisions and take constructive action to assist you to move beyond the current situation in a positive and expensive manner. Now, a few suggestions in terms of what to look forward and things to consider when you do seek out a counselor , because finding a counselor, coach , a psychologist or even a healer is not a difficult thing. But finding one that is right for you can sometimes be a challenge. So bear in mind, that you'd like to look at safety. Its important that you feel safe with the person. Feel how your body feels when you call them, when you speak to them . Do your research about the person, their practice, their reputation, etc. These all contribute to all safety. Also , look at the persons philosophy and approach , how can they help you, how can they help you with the situation you are dealing with. Do they encourage dependents to independents etc? And last but not the least, trust. Trust the feelings that you get because your body will always tell you when the situation is right or not right for you. It will either feel comfortable or not . And when it doesnt, respect that, honor it and {inaudible} to them.

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