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Weather manipulation technique


One thing that I believe that some people might find a little bit strange is that I can believe that you can manipulate the weather. That you don't have to be a victim to weather that you can actually change it with your consciousness. I found about this thing a book code with inventions of [inaudible] by Richard Banks. Here's a saying I wrote with Jonathan Livingston Seagull. He talked about cloud popping. And I remember reading everything about it sounds pretty cool and I decided to give it a try. And long behold every time I've used it, it does work. I don't tell to many people about because probably I think even when I do tell people about it, I tell them about it as a joke kind of way because even when, with the changes people tend to not believe that I made of it and influenced and that's, who knows, maybe I did, maybe I didn't. It seems to be a correlation between me doing this technique and the weather is actually changing every time that I use it. Now what I do is basically find a punch of blue sky or a gap in the clouds, I direct my energy and basically pretend that I'm parting the clouds with my hands like so [inaudible] my energy and moving the clouds apart and making the blue sky area bigger. You don't want to try to have because if you try to had it makes you sort of like a south perpetuating thing that you don't actually believe that what you doing is waking. And so don't believe it that quick and then you leave that guy. And it doesn't mean it will happen straight away, might not happen instantly. But if you let it go and a few minutes later you might look up and there's a huge area of blue sky where you were waking on those particular clouds. Or you might want to wake on a few different areas and you might find that blues packets of blue skies open up [inaudible]. There was once when I did this. We were about to shoot a same frame, a feature from the [inaudible]. We were doing a green screen scene outside of the [inaudible] is the only chance. We had to shoot the same and was a really tight schedule and we had to shoot it before we went to another location. So I asked for a little bit help from the innovist to help us and get a patch in the weather long enough for the [inaudible]. I used my technique, I found a gap in the clouds somewhere try to stretch them out, doesn't even have to be blue sky, could be light coming through the clouds or just a gap in the clouds or something. Anyway I did that. I have been running constantly for quiet long that there was so much going to dispensed and not to the same but I do this technique without telling anybody that I was doing it until I got quietly [inaudible] and within a few minutes the rain stopped and we managed to get a window of opportunity to be able to shoot the scene. When I was driving home later that day I saw sign, when I was driving home from the location straight after that shoot. There was there strange clouds in the sky, actually just after we finished shooting it started bucketing down with rain. So we just got shut off on time, [inaudible] there has been tornado in the area during the time.

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