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Positive psychology


I think one of the most fascinating things that I found out as a psychologist and thats when I really curved into the whole field of positive psychology is when I recognize after doing research with (inaudible) that even people with terrible problems have so many parts of themselves thats still function will and that they actually still have times when their happy and when their (inaudible) when I discover this I think it was a little strange at first because I had to wrap around new ideas from what I have been taught in my psychological training, in my training were often taught a psychologist to look for peoples problems to look for what went wrong whether than what went right and thats not that we assume that people dont have happy moments even if they have problems it's that we focus so much on the problems or the behavior patterns that arent working that we just forget about the other parts of the person and often times the person forgets too because everybody is busy focusing on what is the problem why are you here in my office so, when I got to interview (inaudible) and work in my office and I had time to really chat and even if they have problems we spent so much time talking about when they felt excited with life and happy and uplifted, I realize that we must always hold on to the understanding that people are complex and multilayered and have many, many talents and strengths even when their unhappy so this is something I dedicated my life as a positive psychologist to teaching other psychologist and mental health people as well as my clients to recognize the we have to go back and in every but in the memory bank of a person find their talents, their treats that work for them whether it's 10 years ago or yesterday or this afternoon before they came to see me we must (inaudible) and help them celebrate and understand that this are the working wonderful parts of them no matter what their problems and that it isnt strange or unique that you can be very upset and have a problem and at the same time be a very talented human being with a tremendous amount to offer yourself in others, this is important and we have to emphasize that all the time I spend a lot of time doing that, thats why I develop the whole concept around the enchanted self a positive therapy, helping therapist to find ways to focus on positive memory retrieval and talents in the treatment wrong and why I do my work on the web even talking to you today because I want you to recognize that no matter what problems plaque you, you have a uniqueness thats very positive you have talents and interest coping skills and potential thats probably untapped that you can utilized to reinvent yourself again and again so that you will live a life on meaning and happiness which I certainly think of the choices is the way to go.

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