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The search for real happiness and looking at it in a different perspective


Hi Im Linda Guirey and Im really here to tell you about how you can create happiness in your life and it comes down to whether you want to choose to essentially you wont choose happiness because happiness is a choice now that might sound simple and its really important to look at your life and so whether you want to go from here, what is my life look like? If it doesnt look good you need to choose to change it but every day you choose what you say, what you think, what you believe and what you do every day you have no control over what other people think say believe or do you are the architect of your own life you are creating your life one choice at a time so choosing happiness in life is just part of that process now I know that sounds simple and in times life will jump of and hit you in the face because it happens to all of us that pain (inaudible) when life doesnt go according to plan a tragedy, an illness, a job loss, relationship break up you do have the choice about how you look at it and how you move forward life is not going to be easy, its going to have its ups and downs you have to see that you should be grateful for having a life grateful for every day that you have because life is short dont dwell on the past because the past and your circumstance dont define you but your choices do dont dwell on the past because youll have no future live in the present, be present, live with them now make every day as much as possible a beautiful day every day be thankful for what you have dont blame other people you are the architect of your own life choose a happy life and live your dreams. Its Linda Guirey the choice champion have a good day.

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