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Tips on creating the time to meditate for your hectic schedule


Some strategies that many Type A people can take to pick time to daily meditation practice is to really put it in a calendar. I'm pretty type A myself so I meditate because I have to. There's a saying that goes, something like If you should all meditate about an hour a day and let's your too busy to meditate and in that case you should meditate for few hours a day. So what I do is I put on my calendar to meditate. Then when that time rolls around I have to deal with it on my calendar. As a Type A person myself, I, like said go by whatever were scheduled. So make time for it. Sometimes it can be hard because you may think one thing or the other is more important but when you meditate for yourself and for your family, you're taking time to connect for good soul. And that's really important because we can't really care for others and your family life or in your business life. Unless you are also taking care of yourself. So I think you should really give it a try to do some meditation. Sometimes it might feel more fortune at the moment if you're Type A because as you're meditating you're gonna be thinking Oh there's so many things that I could be doing right now. but it's really not when you think it as a work out for your mind. You probably all take time to exercise or if you don't you can understand why people would. So this is one of the exercise for your soul, connect and reconnect to what truly important to you. Thank you.

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