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Become aware of all your senses


Okay so, the thing about (inaudible) is that its always either based in the past or the future its either in the present your always anxious about something thats going to happen or anxious about something that has happened and so the base (inaudible) deal anxiety is to bring yourself in to the right here right now and really take risk available for bringing yourself into the present one of them is just to focus your attention outwards, stop focusing your attention on your thoughts and focus at, on something outside of yourself, either be the prisoners talking to you, listen, focus on their voice put your attention on their voice. One of the things that is called philosophy was the technique that they talk or put your attention on the waking surface that is something that brings you into the present so if your hammering a nail you put your attention with the hammer meets the nail, if youre typing on the computer with your hands, meet the keyboard, but (inaudible) theres something to bring your attention out physical exercise can be a really great thing go for a walk, it can also balance the (inaudible) of right hemispheres of your brain people will (inaudible) because they think to (inaudible) their body is naturally trying to balance the hemispheres if your brain and by walking on your left and right feet that is something that can balance the left and right hemisphere of your brain, so thats why its a natural mechanism to people to (inaudible)when they have (inaudible) because their body and their mind is naturally trying to balance out the system so its naturally their (inaudible) but either your just going for a walk or help to get your attention out taken the side turn around you breathe in a fresh air thats another good thing, its just coming to your senses, it is saying coming to your senses and theres an exercise that we used to do in this called philosophy which is just becoming aware of your senses and that helps you bring you into the present or equipped exercise actually so, if you close your eyes maybe the start up with because your sense of sight is a dominant sense usually and so its good close your eyes to start off with and becoming aware of the differences (inaudible) with the taste you can sense on your tongue what you could smell around you just become aware of the smell of your sense of your smell youve become aware of the sounds within the room theyre in and then gradually expand your hearing out so youll hear the sounds beyond the room and outside for you to be on there, further, further, further expand your hearing out then become aware of your sense of touch feel the, your palms resting on your body or feel the, your hands resting on your body parts will your body resting on the chair become aware of that and open your eyes and become aware of colour and form within the room thats it, a really good exercise for come in to your senses and another great thing is meditation for me thats a technique that really allows you to stand back from your thoughts and see them for they really are and which is that you are basically the sun and the thoughts are the clouds that come and they go and if no need to grab hold of them.

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