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Tapping into your intuition to seek guidance


__________Sandra__________ With children it's very difficult and so you know they're-they're very limited as to what they can do and how they can reach out and so you know that's why it's some responsibility that for all of us as adults to keep our eyes and our ears open, to seek the signs if there is a child who is suffering in a home to help and certainly they were some signs you know my schools ignore it, my teachers ignore it, no one came in and-and stood up for me but you know when we flash forward to when adulthood happens because we often make decisions as children and then carry those decisions into our adulthood and then it shapes our life for better or for worst. And so as an adult I think society were always looking outside of ourselves for comfort, for guidance, for rejuvenation, you know just, you know would you validate me, would you say that I'm okay or you know, all you need to get away from vacation to feel better or I need to vibe it that you know the right car and I will be okay so it's all external and so my message is go internal for all of that, it happened to your spirit because you have this wise-wise intuition that can be the source of that love and that rejuvenation and that guidance um so when we can get quiet enough and still enough, to hear that inner voice which I call intuition and it's one of the most powerful resources we have and I love to call intuition the great equalizer because it doesn't matter if you're rich or if you're poor or you're sick or you're well or younger, old we all have that intuition, we all have that power that we can tap into that can guide us were we need to go and make us feel loved and repair everything that's ever happened in the past so I'm a big fan of looking in work for those things.

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