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Meditation will help you find the frequencies and vibrations you send out


Now some of the things that we could help them with on these journeys is one that has been probably over years and, and over stated for very, very many I would say probably a hundreds and hundreds and thousands of years and that would be meditation and I know this for personal experience because there was a time in my life where I was experiencing incredible deep transition and incredible pain, loss of self, confusion, aloneness and meditation pretty much is responsible for saving my life and I wouldnt have no problems about saving that publicly or to anyone that comes to me for assistance I cant put in to words exactly how this experience works for ever individual but I know for myself that it brought me into a resonance state with my divine presence, with the essence, the remembrance, the vibration and frequency that is me, that I was originally created to be it help me to begin to find my way back to what we consider the divine tone, frequency, resonance, pure essence and light that is the expression of us as we were created to be and every single one of us carries a different frequency and tone so meditation going into just a very quiet place I begun with playing music in the background and, and taking it very lightly I would just change up music and seat there for a long period of time and it will take a long period of time specially in the beginning and it did for me, there were sometimes that I had to seat for two hours before I would actually reach a point where I felt this deep peace begin to settle in and I dont suggest that for people who are beginning or people who are in some kind of term (inaudible) or crisis in their life but if they simply begin to take ten minutes a day and seat in a very quiet still place maybe with some music on and enjoy thats very relaxing and no words I find a plain words is very distracting and keeps you for being able to have a full experience listening to your breath and breathing light in from the crown shapra if you can pull the light in and let it embrace you and feel your body and yourselves and connect yourself deep into the heart and earth and let that (inaudible) flow when it goes into the earth let it come back up and rise up through your body and out through the crown once again and a very short time I found within probably three to four breathes you will immediately begin to feel the difference most of it never take the time to experience our own strength of light that life light source presence that love that is expressing and flowing in and out of every pore and to every cell and to our breath, our blood, our bones, our minds all of our body systems and this is what brings eternal and train full peace it is the stone (inaudible) that you find within yourself and it will remind you your connection to all that is to nature and yes even to your own spirit.

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