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Build our self esteem, feel good about ourselves accept ourselves


Yes, I have no doubt that, you know some people who are consistently feeling poor and you know, don't have any money in their bank accounts and I have no doubt that this is definitely connected with self -esteem. You know, their assets is abundant there's no doubt about that . There's absolutely loads of everything for all of us to, you know, enjoy and there are some people who, you know, that will go out there and achieve ,achieve what they want which is ultimately, its down to mindset. Its how we, it's what we believe about ourselves . When we take responsibility for our own lives And when we, you know, when we start blaming and it' so easy, you know, from this poor mindset, it's so easy to blame the recession or to blame, you know, other people and it's so easy for us to do that and yet it's so disempowering and when we adapt our mindset whereby we take responsibility for our wrong lives that we know that we can actually go out there and create a service that we feel worthy, that we know that we're in touch of who we are. And when we are in touch of who we are, we know who we are, we accept ourselves then you know our self -esteem certainly prices . And so we hold a belief system that believes that we are worthy and that we are abundant that we,you know, we hold a worthy mind set and therefore, we attract them onto us that which we believe and feel . So when we are perhaps referring to ourselves or some people might say , Well, you know, just keep repeating on your mind I am worthy. That's just take up for an example. You know, I am worthy but it's not much point in saying that when you don't feel it. So, you got to feel it and then take some actions. You know it's going to help you realize it and do little things everyday that helps you build your self-esteem just for the little bit of money buy even if it's only like ten percent of what you're earning. No matter how much you're earning in a week, just put a little bit by watching it grow consistently, really makes a difference and youll say, Wow, you know, I can do it and lots of people have come back from bankruptcy , have come back from losing everything to building their lives back up again but that's because generally they believe in themselves and it shows worthy . So , I have no doubt , no doubt at all . Build our self -esteem. Feel good about ourselves . Accept ourselves . Believe that we can do it . Just believe, believe, believe and feel that in your being and more than attract more of what it is that we are putting out there.

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