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The two different types of reiki and its origin


Ok, Ive learned of being involved in several energy-healing practices. Im gonna talk about the ones that I know most about. I dont know much about Craniosacral Therapy. I have had it done to me before. I dont know anything about Quantum Touch. I do know a bit about Reiki, quite a bit, and Ive had good and bad experiences with that. I also know about Reconnective Healing which is taught by Dr. Eric Pearl. Now, Reiki, there are two types of Reiki which most people, many people are not actually aware of that there are different types of Reiki. So, there is Reiki Usui which originated in Japan. And there is also Reiki Tummo which is said to have originated in Tibet. I originally learned Reiki Usui and I learned it from someone who very quickly and very slapped-manner and basically was told to go bananas with it. As a result, I was opened to a world which I found very difficult to cope with and came very quickly and very suddenly and lets just say there wasnt a lot of care that happened, there wasnt a lot of care and process when I learned Reiki Usui. So, what I want to recommend is that, if youre going to find a Reiki teacher, make sure you got a good sense of what network around you or if that teacher is trustworthy. Ask other people who have learned from them. Go to a teacher whos got a good number of students around them, (that) someone whos recommended by someone who you trust, and, that someone who you feel comfortable asking questions from and approach him. Someone who is there, who can support you because sometimes it can be a bit of an eye-opening experience and (can be) you might have a lot of questions that you need answered. Now, Reiki Tummo, acclaimed to be the original Reiki - and Reiki Usui, they talk about us being a branch of or a more watered-down form of Reiki. Now, the problem many Reiki teachers, particularly Reiki Usui teachers who wont be happy with me saying that, and Im not gonna say an opinion about it either way but certainly thats what the Reiki Tummo people was saying and one thing I did notice about when I learned Reiki Tummo is that they do have a good support network around them and they do have a good process that you have to go through in order to become a teacher of Reiki Tummo. Not just anyone can go through and become a teacher which seems to be something that can happen with Reiki Usui. Reiki Tummo, you have to go through a period of trying and so I find that the teachers that I have met in Reiki Tummo tend to be a bit more grounded and tend to know what theyre talking about and tend to be quite onto it in terms of practice. Reiki Tummo can also involve whats called a Kundalini Activation. Now, that might be a bit advance for some people in this kind of video but if you want to look up Kundalini, there is certainly plenty of information on the internet but just be wary about what you find. Because there is a lot of myths about Kundalini and there is a lot of misinformation about Kundalini. So, just be careful. Just treat it carefully, Id say. That's all I wanna say.

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