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Low self-esteem and finances can be link but not necessarily a causation


Some people constantly find themselves financially broke regardless of income. And is that a self-esteem link? It can be, but that doesn't mean that everybody whose core has little self-esteem obviously. I think that the little self-esteem component comes in with how you feel about yourself and your role in life after that [gradual core] has happened. For example, if you make a lot of money and you end up spending it all, you might actually be pretty happy with yourself. Not necessarily that that money bought happiness but perhaps you're already satisfied with what you have in life. And that money is being spend just to live life to the fullest or [inaudible] or whatever physical means it might be supporting you. So it doesn't necessarily mean that you have that low self-esteem. But if you later after spending money you find yourself for granting those purchases or find yourself in that cycle of spending addiction, then there might be a deeper issue there. I think that you have to remember there's a huge left component for income. You know, I'm really fortunate that get to live a wonderful life that I have all my needs provided for. And there's some people who don't have that and it doesn't mean that they have low self-esteem or that they should have low self-esteem for not having that. The connection with how you feel and your financial state is very tenuous. And I think it's kinda barking up the wrong tree if you're going to spend a lot of time examining yourself when you [really to deceive]. Try to find another job, try to find other mean to support yourself if you find yourself in a bad spot. So, when I think of this question, I think of [muscle entire] give me excited. It's psychiatric diagram that shows you that the most important things that you have focus on like for your survival. As you move up [inaudible] you start worrying about your social status, your role in life, and finally your spiritually and pretend yourself. If you turn that pyramid upside down and start worrying about your social status and your center self when you're not providing for your own survival. Financially, then I don't think that's useful. So low self-esteem and finances can be link, it's certainly not necessarily causation. Correlation doesn't prove causation.

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