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Take yourself less seriously


If you feel anxious on life, you know its the result of your thoughts about your lifes circumstances. The more you think about a negative possibility or a negative event that happened in the past, the more you cycle that round and round at the back of your mind so the more anxious youll feel. Realize that your anxiousness, your stress is coming from your own thoughts and realize that thoughts at the very best or an approximation of reality. Anything that happened to you in the past, you dont remember everything. You dont remember the circumstances, You just remember certain things that make you feel anxious. If youre thinking about the future, future is just an speculation, its not real. Its just a speculation. Its just something that might happen. You can worry and worry and it may never happen and yet youll feel anxious, youll feel stressed, youll feel upset. First thing to do to reduce your anxiousness is to realize that it comes from youre your thoughts, your thoughts, not yourself. Even though you may not know exactly what thoughts are causing, you have to know that its just the thought. So start to take yourself less seriously. Start to take yourself less seriously, thats the first step and it wont bother you. Youll always have thoughts. Just gradually let those thoughts go. Dont be attached to them. Dont let them blame you.Theres nothing wrong with you. You are just paying too much attention to your thoughts.

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