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Chakra and aura are somewhat responsible in human emotions


____________JJ Thiret___________ Down further about the energy. and why we're all energy, and why emotion is energy. _____________Harry Kroner_____________ It is simply, amm.. the way we process things, I mean, if, if we know that right now science is, is, is slowly reaching that level of understanding this, and now, amm... I, I've, I can't remember, I've read a few months ago that they have finally were able til now, amm.. able to read thoughts, specific, amm.. specific words are have a cert, certain brainwave frequency, and in the same way our body, if , if you understand like the auras, and all the chakra system, and all the substance been, been around humanity for thousands of years, and start really feeling, It's like; wow, I feel it in my chest every time I feel this kind of fear, I feel it in my chest, and I do that, I help people, I just even something bringing people in this wonderful, meditative relaxation, and say; okay, when you think of that thought, where did you feel it in your body? and people will, people just say right away, they feel; okay, I feel it in my stomach, I feel it in my soul flexes, I feel in my heart, I feel in my, my necks and shoulders of that, that runs this a, a center of, of, of an emotions, or in my head. So people can identify that actually quite quickly if just allow themselves to go into a more calm, peaceful place, and once we feel that I , I, I, I use, use specialization to really falter, okay, take a deep breath now, and feel like it can blow it out of you, your, your body, feel like it can clear it up, cleanse it up, drain some, some, some cleansing energy into you, and feel like you're washing it away. Any kind of metaphors that'll help to really remove it..

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