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Having a good health is the foundation of everything else in your life


This is my favorite question, why should someone want to create good health? Its actually, its hard to understand why people dont realize that your health is your true wealth its really, having good health is a foundation for everything else in your life and whatever you feel is important in your life, what you want to achieve, what you want to accomplish, what you want to enjoy if you dont have good health and lot of energy youre not going to be able to be very successful in, in any aspects of your life and youre not going to be able to really enjoy what you do able to accomplish if you have poor health its just, its just a per-requisite for doing being successful and feeling good in everything in your life, health is should be your number one priority, creating good health, be as healthy and as fit and as vital and as energetic as possible and then everything else that you want in your life will follow its just, its the things, all the things that I teach I teach my age live in lifestyle which is all about creating a healthy well, well-being and its, its really basically what I teaches the things that we should have learn how to create good health in, in grade school thats what we should have learn thats the most important thing before we learn anything else because if youre not healthy you dont have good health you really have nothing and, and many people unfortunately have to lose our health before they really understand that so its kind of a saying that goes around that says many people spend their health to create wealth and then after they have their wealth they have to spend their wealth to try and create health again so make, make really health your number one priority without good health you have nothing.

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