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Two kinds of stress experienced by every individual


_________________Gui Mansilla_______________ and I think stress is actually the... We'll talk about so much because we are all experience it into, and we all feeling that. But how we... it is good to remember that stress is something that the body experience in two occasions, and both of them we perceived them very differently. But one is, when we call this stress, the kind of stress that makes us feel not too good or really bad, and then, new stress, the kind of stress that makes us feel more excited, and more engaged and passionate about something. Now, the body perceived both, in quite a similar way. Our perception off it's, the translation that we make about experiences is very different. So the stress that we all done like is the one that is where as off and makes a life dull and unattractive, and generally speaking, if you are feeling a lot of stress, would you need to look at it is how are creating that. If you are, or how are you not yet able to find a place of inner peace and inner silence, even within the circumstances that you are living in. Sometimes, you seems like our mind tricks us, saying "Well, I am in a stressful situation." Therefore, I should be stressed out, and it is not necessarily true, it has improved in with the trainings done inside of the prisons, of the passion of the meditation and I have also known some trainers that have gone to the Yoga and Meditation combined. That even in a place that where, you are captive of an environment. Being able to find consistently, inner peace, inner silence, and stillness make the experience very different, much less stressful, and much more opportunity and space for thru happiness and thru contentment, even in situations of traumatic environmental restrictions.

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