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Spiritual living and practise


__________J.J. Thiret__________ What can you tell us about you and as far as your journey toward the sand, and I know you talked about, well you decided you wanted do to your into fitness, you're a police officer, now you're into fitness but what about, what about the spiritual or the emotional part. __________James Williams__________ Good question well you know it's in Britain before I came here in 2005 I was with uh, circle of friends who had great selection of personal growth books a ton and so I was, It was introduced to that actually, you know soon before I decided to leave the police force and uh I'm sure that we're starting to read those books help to kinda create a shift on me um, I'd say you know initially for several years I had what was really an intellectual understanding spirituality, and so I know the concepts and however I would still react in the same ways if I thought [?upsettive?] what someone did and so to me that was living the spirituality and to me it's important that spiritually something that was lived through you instead of being to something that you talk about. __________J.J. Thiret__________ Hmm-hmm. __________James Williams__________ So I found after a relationship in 2010 um, where that was, that I that I felt very stressed in I had to sit back and I had to, look up what was going kind of, you know underneath the covers in my conscious in other words what my programming was that was causing me to react in the ways of I was doing to my partner with that time and I realized that all the stuff that I had read was not being implemented, in my life. I-I was this great walking encyclopedia of spirituality but in terms of living it, I was not living um not in most parts of my life anyway and not in the parts that counted because those still experiencing a lot of stress in relations with some people. __________J.J. Thiret__________ Well at least you have all the answers to start with right? James Williams: Um , Well put this way you can read personal growth, I appreciate you saying that, you can read personal growth books and you can try to use some of the techniques that they that are written in some of those books however the important thing is to find the type of technique or techniques or person to deal them with that will work for you, um so many the things I read J.J. we're just ineffective for me um and I was in the relationship with-with the partner that time, I actually felt really frustrated so I was trying to change some things and, in terms of me and it wasn't, nothing was working so after that relationship um, we decided to end the relationship in late 2010. I- I'm actually very grateful for that person for-for-for her shining a light on me that I really needed to see, and I saw J.J. that my relationship with her was exactly like aspects of my relationship um that my, that my parents had with each other and me with them, so a huge awakening, um so the cause the next two years I decided to learning N.L.P. um getting qualifications in it and then also use awareness and mindfulness to record four patterns that I had because- __________J.J. Thiret__________ Hmm. __________James Williams__________ a four patterns reflect our beliefs, and then to change those beliefs from one, two to something else that's gonna generate more peace and love for myself and others. And most of to tune in to my emotions J.J. because I functionally adapted to be someone who had a, you know think and outsmart my parents as a child and as an adult I'd left that feelings side behind me.

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