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Finding the gap between thoughts


________Umang Goel_________ How does that, so What is meditation? It's just one line. Meditation like many people think is the absence of thoughts, I do not agree. Meditation is not the absence of thoughts because guess what? As long as we have breath, there will be thoughts. As long as we are human beings on this earth, we will have thoughts. So, what is meditation? Meditation is finding the gap between thoughts. Meditation is finding, making, instead of billions of thoughts coming in and out, in and out and driving people less, and in fact the very end of that aspect is people end up in a silence because there's so much millions and billions of thoughts, they don't even know what reality is anymore. So, coming from those billion of thoughts to thousands, and then hundreds, and then fifty, and then maybe ten, and then maybe just three, because guess what? Those three thoughts are going to be the uppermost things in your mind. Maybe your family, maybe your, you know, the immediate thing. And, then, letting it all emerge and the thoughts are coming in and then literally flowing out, and you are totally detached to those thoughts... ________JJ Thiret__________ Ah! So, you don't try to chase them away? ________Umang Goel_________ No, you welcome them. That's what I teach. Please welcome those thoughts. The more do you resist, it persists.

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