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Finding the root causes of addiction than the addiction itself


__________Timothy Hayes__________ the situation with the alcoholic or an addiction to any anything else, one of the..the theories about what's happening there that makes the mostsense to me is thatregardless of what I'm using is my drug, I'm only going to use a drugwhen I'm experiencing pain I wanna avoid. __________JJ Thiret__________ Right, and it's about avoidance isn't it? __________Timothy Hayes__________ Oh and covering up or numbing out and soif I'm really going to help somebody who's struggling with an addiction, if I'm going to work at that cause level the thing where, everything isbeing produced, I have to help them go and identifying and dismantle their pain. And once I do that, their drive to use their drug whether it's alcohol orcocaine or sugar or fatty foodswill fall awaynot only thatbut if the pain has been removed the next timethey go to drink, say they love their..their martini, if they don't have any painwhen they put the martini in their tonguethey actually taste. I mean, gins-smells and tastes a lot more like turpentine thenanything pleasant. __________JJ Thiret__________ Oh it's poison, that's for sure. __________Timothy Hayes__________ And so when people are in pain and..and they get numbed by the poison, they welcome the poison. But if they don't have the pain andyou try and give them poison they'll fight you and, you know, they'll scratch your eyes out trying to keep you from pouringit down their throat.

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