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The link between the mind and the body is inseparable


Personally, I believe that the link between the mind and body is inseparable. And there's this one book by Deb Shapiro called Your Body Speaks Your Mind. And there's other's [Carol Mische and Nashmi Experse] and [inaudible] You Can Heal Your Life. All these books outline the various ways thus physical symptoms in your body can be close as to what is going on with your mental and emotion level. I subscribe to [inaudible] to belief that physical disease is caused by mental or emotion disease. So you know, the [inaudible] of everything that is wrong in terms of physical ailments in the body, there's something going on that there's some excess or trauma that you know we're not dealing with as mental or emotional level. I was trained as musician teacher. I was trained to [inaudible] to be the tradition of India. We subscribed to Shakra system which are 7 main energy centers based in along the [inaudible] . These energy centers or Shakras govern the location different areas and they govern the physical organs in the person, the body where they located. Put as well as that they govern different aspects. And when we don't feel our control of emotions. Because you know, emotions they rise and subside easily if we just allows us to feel them. But generally we're not to inclined to feel the uncomfortable emotions. We don't want to go there so repressed them. And when we do that the emotion is toward physically somewhere in our body. Generally that is towards around the Shakra because Shakras are in the center. The energy flows through the Shakra up to the organ and also want to the next Shakra. Our control of emotion is towards our head and our body for while and more adjoined by more and more uncomfortable emotions that we choose not to experience. That starts to cause a blockage so the energy can't pass freely or quiet so freely from one Shakra to next and also from the Shakra out to the various organs. And that's when physical starts to manifest because the energy isn't circulating freely enough. At least that's my belief. It's belief that are not [inaudible]. It's from the system that's 5000 years old. And surprised I know. If science only catching up with our [data] and whenever does this catching up improves I don't think science can prove anything that stopped by our [inaudible] change. So there you go, that's my belief.

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