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Going outside experience and true happiness with the help of nature


What makes people happy? I would say most of all feeling fulfilled in your life that you did something your life mattered you did something a value to serve other people I guess you know, feeling loved and respected everybody wants to feel love and respected and feel like their life matters its kind of interesting this question I just recently wrote a book called Real Happiness Real Success Road Path and my spin on it is that first of all we need to be real clear on what does makes us happy sometimes you ask yourself that question and then they might not even quite sure what really would make them happy so you need to be sure of whats really important in your life and what really you feel would make you happy and then you have to focus on those things and actually work on those things that make you happy every day you cant be thinking that youll be happy in the future youll do something in the future and then youll be, youll built to do this that will make you happy you have to make the time to do all of things that are going to make you happy and feel successful in your life you need to do that every day so I think thats a key is to find your purpose when you find your, your life purpose something that your excited about you know youre good at and then serves other people then your excited about your life and youd be happy and when your serving other people it really makes you happy you feel good and something unusual I think that make people happy that people realizes getting out in nature experience nature and getting some sun, getting some on your body the sun is makes you feel good it stimulates you pineal gland the pineal gland and it enhances your moods so I always recommend people to elevate your mood and feel good get out and get some sun on your body do a little sun bathing and, and get out and just be, get out in nature and just experience the, the wind and the sounds of nature and the beauty in nature and , and thats what, thats what really makes me happy.

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